COVID biases from the press play loose with the facts

I can't get it out of my head that the media is still spreading lies.

On COVID, the World Health Organization, Dr. Deborah Birx, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Washington Post's abundant left-wing columnists, and others, while denouncing President Trump, overwhelmingly supported and spread the Chinese lies that COVID wouldn't spread between humans. 

When Trump put the China travel ban on and mobilized the private and public sector to replenish ventilators, other medical supplies, and got the vaccine going, Fauci, the CDC, the Washington Post, and others were downplaying the risk of COVID in January, February and early March but somehow managed to spend all their time attacking Trump.
States that had fewer lockdowns and restrictions almost all had better results than locked-down states like New York and California, but the media, Joe Biden, Birx and others chastised the red states as more dangerous.
In other words, the talking points are fact-free (lies) to control the American people. 
Trump, his administration, and the private sector, are responsible for the vaccine. It's not Fauci who is rewriting history to pretend it was his idea in January 2020.
Fauci lectures all Americans what they must do to control the virus but says he has nothing to do with all the unvetted people coming across the border. As we stack kids with the virus on top of each other, we must stay six feet apart. 
The Washington Post's left-wing opinion pieces, along with most reporting on COVID, are as factual as all the lies about Georgia and other states bills to fix the voting systems. Why is it O.K. to require photo I.D.s to get the vaccine but racist to require them to vote, especially when most polls show an overwhelming majority of people of all races support photo I.D.'s to vote? I thought the media and Democrats support the will of the people. 
It is disgusting and deplorable how many people and businesses that the media, educators, Hollywood, pro athletes, and others are willing to destroy as they crave power more than anything else. 
What would Jesus say about all this greed for power and lies as Democrats seek to silence and destroy anyone who dares disagree with them? The treatment of conservative women and blacks would disgust him. 
Happy Easter to all!
Image: Needpix / public domain
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