Chesa Boudin and now the dead baby

It's getting harder and harder to justify San Francisco district attorney Chesa Boudin's let-'em-all-out prosecutorial policies.  He calls it "restorative justice."  In reality, it's bad guys go free.

Last December, the radical left-wing D.A. tried to extricate himself from the deaths of two innocent women hit by a drunken thug in a stolen car who mowed them down in a hit-and-run following a burglary.  The thug was a parolee who was out on the streets only because Chesa let him out of jail.  After that travesty, Chesa said  other people did it, claiming "systemic failure."  That excuse didn't work and, shortly afterward, triggered a public effort to recall him.

Now he's got a dead baby.  He hasn't moderated his stance a bit.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle's Heather Knight, who was rightly proud of her story on Twitter:

The news itself was crushing. A 7-month-old baby boy named Synciere Williams died Tuesday. The man charged with taking care of him that day, Joseph Williams, 26, was booked by police for allegedly murdering the child. And, it turned out, he'd been arrested twice recently on suspicion of felony domestic violence, in January and March, before being released without charges.

But when Kathy Black, the executive director of La Casa de las Madres, a shelter for domestic violence victims in the city, read how District Attorney Chesa Boudin's office had explained the tragedy, she felt even more devastated. His spokesperson said the woman in the previous cases had refused to cooperate with prosecutors, so he couldn't file charges.

"No, no, no!" Black told me, her voice rising. "Domestic violence is a crime against the state of California, and the district attorney's job is to work with what the Police Department has gathered at the crime scene and develop the evidence to present a case. That's his job — it's not the victim's job."

Knight quotes the activist as saying the excuse Chesa offered about "uncooperative" victims was not just utter baloney, but also "archaic."  It was what was done in the past to let wife-beaters get off the hook, and what enabled them to continue their abuse again and again and again.

Was this incident with the baby beaten to death by a known abuser some sort of fluke, some kind of fall-through-the-cracks anomaly, some exception to what normally went on?  Not in the least.  Here's Knight's money quote:

Williams is far from the only person to be arrested by police on suspicion of felony domestic violence and then released by Boudin with no charges. In the last three months of 2020, city cops made 131 arrests for felony domestic violence, and Boudin's office dismissed 113 of them. He charged just 13 of them, one as a misdemeanor, and the other five are still being reviewed.

That means 113 alleged perpetrators were released with no consequences — no mandatory attendance in a batterer's program, no assignment to anger management classes, no required supervision for visiting children, nothing.

The Soros-financed district attorney and Hugo Chávez acolyte is basically the wife-beater's delight.  Boudin claims he lets only non-violent criminals out in the name of "restorative" justice, but actually, he lets some of the most violently dangerous out, too.  That rightly riles up feminist groups that stand against domestic violence. 

Now Chesa has gone curiously quiet, perhaps hoping no one will notice.  His Twitter feed is full of George Floyd posts.  His official site says nothing.  There is an April 20 post speaking of his support from establishment Democrats, and ties to ActBlue, meaning he may be implicitly defending himself now as a creature of the Democrats. 

It's sorry stuff.  In the past, he blamed other city officials for his failure to do his job.  Now he's whipping up Democrat party muscle like the cross to Dracula as a means of intimidating critics. 

The only thing he's not doing is addressing the failure itself. 

It's appalling, and Democrats are letting him do it.  It's a positive thing for San Francisco that citizens are demanding him out.  For too long now, he's denied there's a problem — and gotten away with it, to boot.  Now the preventable, lethal, crimes committed are escalating.  He's running out of excuses.

Image: Photo illustration from public Twitter image, filtered with FotoSketcher. 

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