Chauvin: What's really on trial

Politically aware America awaits a verdict on Derek Chauvin, on trial for allegedly killing George Floyd.  Chauvin's arrogant face, notorious from the infamous pic of him holding Floyd down as the latter suffocated, is enough to make most anyone dislike him.

But that's not what he's on trial for.  Nor is he on trial for killing George Floyd.

Chauvin is on trial for being white, with a backup charge of copping while white.  We can stop pretending it's for anything else, whether generalized police misbehavior toward blacks or what have you.  Blacks who don't break the law have no more problem with police than anybody else.

It's black criminals who have the problem.  Even blacks know this.  Had the Floyd incident involved a black cop rather than Chauvin, to include the knee on the back, it would never have made the news.

I won't be surprised by a verdict either way.  We know that the left will riot regardless of the verdict.  We also know that white America is about ready to put up its fists and fight back.

What we don't know — yet — is if the jury has enough people with enough spine to stand up for the law.  Personally, I doubt it.  Minnesota's full of genuinely nice people who don't like to fight and quarrel.  That type usually avoids unpleasantness by withdrawing in tight-lipped, hurt silence rather than standing up.

This is why we're now where we are vis-à-vis the Chauvin trial.

We've known that this was coming for 60 years and have just let it gradually seep into our politics and our daily lives.  It's leftist bullying.  It's the same thing that's kept Latin America aflame the last seven decades, that was fought off in Chile and Grenada but that had permanent success in Cuba and Venezuela.

It's what set America against itself in the sixties.

That same fight is what's really going on in that Minnesota courtroom.  Chauvin's getting a low-tech lynching right out of Advise and Consent.

Image: Patrick Feller.

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