CBS caught being nakedly partisan, sends evidence to the memory hole

CBS seems to be vying with NBC for the title of most Democrat-friendly broadcast network, with a hat trick of three separate instances of propaganda aimed at favoring the donkeys by attacking Republicans in the last few days.  In addition to lying by omission about Florida governor Ron DeSantis, as Andrea Widburg explains on these pages today, the former "Tiffany network" got caught publishing nakedly partisan material favoring the Democrats' opposition to Georgia's voting rights law.  Joseph A. Wulfsohn of rival Fox News first spotted the pro-Democrat activism:

CBS News is being slammed for a report on the controversial new Georgia voting law that some critics called "partisan advocacy."

On Friday, CBS tweeted out a report headlined "3 ways companies can help fight Georgia's restrictive new voting law," which outlined how corporations could combat the GOP-backed law.

It triggered a furious reaction from conservatives on social media. 

"LOL this tweet is outright partisan advocacy," Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy reacted.

"I missed the announcement that CBS is now a Democratic SuperPAC," RealClearInvestigations senior writer Mark Hemingway quipped. 

"Putting aside that the premise here is a lie, on what planet is it acceptable for a news organization to engage in this type of activism and then expect to be taken seriously?" conservative writer A.G. Hamilton asked.

Monica Showalter yesterday explained on  these pages what a no-no this was in terms of journalistic standards.

Ridicule, as Saul Alinsky taught those fighting the powerful interests (which means us, these days) is a powerful tool, and CBS reacted by clumsily attempting to bury the evidence.  Tim Graham of NewsBusters:

On Saturday, not only did CBS News delete the tweet, but it also reframed the report to downplay its advocacy.

The headline was changed to "Activists are calling on big companies to challenge new voting laws. Here's what they're asking for." They added no editor's note explaining the change.

The framework of the Brooks article remained. The three ways companies were urged to fight the Georgia election law was:

1. Do not donate to Republicans who sponsored the law just as corporations decided not to donate to Republicans who challenged the presidential election results. 

2. Spread awareness of the Georgia law to other states — which the media are doing aggressively. "Major advertising campaigns have helped these companies individually, but ads can also help stamp out efforts nationwide to pass voting laws similar to Georgia's, activists said."

3 Fight for federal law — in this case, support H.R. 1, the federal law supported by Democrats to submit the states to federal supervision of election rules. Companies "need to work aggressively to call for the passage" of the For the People Act, leftist Nse Ufot said.

No mea culpa, no explanation of the changes, just a crude attempt to disguise the evidence.

Not content with these two attempts to help Dems, the network's Sunday morning show joined the cause of helping Biden and the Dems with a softball interview with Hunter Biden aimed at promoting his new book (for which he reportedly received a $2-million advance).  Bill D'Agostino explains at NewsBusters:

Hunter Biden's new book deal landed him a sympathetic interview on this weekend's CBS News Sunday Morning with correspondent Tracy Smith. While the interview alluded to various political scandals plaguing the younger Biden (namely the Burisma controversy, the laptop scandal, and an ongoing active investigation into his finances), it provided viewers with barely any information about the scandals themselves, while giving him plenty of time to argue his innocence.

The interview allowed a scant 26 seconds about the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden's finances. "What is it about? Can you say anything more?" Smith inquired. Biden insisted he was innocent and she politely moved on.

If you have the stomach for it, the entire segment, almost ten minutes long, is embedded here:

Hmm, does CBS stand for "Can't Bear Scrutiny?"

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