Boycott boomerang: Genius Dems start to realize Georgia boycott will cost them votes in the Peach State

Democrats thought they had a brilliant plan to force Georgia to permit widespread voting fraud by getting their woke pals in corporate America to bully the state into repealing its brand-new voting integrity law that mandates voter ID and other commonsense measures.  Two Atlanta-based corporate giants, Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, denounced Georgia's new voting integrity bill, and Major League Baseball announced it was moving the All-Star Game away from Atlanta.


Guess who gets hurt in the estimated $100 million impact from the loss of the MLB showcase.  That would be the little guys who work at hotels and restaurants, who are vendors at the game, and who work in other service industries.  The local Dem pols realized this quickly.  Last Friday, Laura Ingraham reported:

[T]he blowback against this is growing, which forced even liberal Georgia Sen. Jon Ossoff to put out a statement last night saying, "I absolutely oppose and reject any notion of boycotting Georgia." But then he said that look, corporations that are disgusted, like we are with this voter suppression bill, should stop any financial support for the Georgia Republican Party.

Stacey Abrams, who claimed that she was cheated out of victory in the governor's race (this was back when it was permitted to question an election result, an activity that now is regarded as destructive of democracy because almost half the country thinks Joe Biden's election to the presidency was based on voter fraud), wants to have it both ways.  She put out a video on March 31 that called on corporations to use their "full clout" but also warned that her peeps would be hurt by boycotts.

Twitter video screen grab.

What does "full clout" mean, if not including boycotts?  Watch and see if this makes any sense (spoiler alert: it doesn't, and you have to endure five minutes of sophistry and lies):

Bonchie of RedState calls her out:

Abrams literally [is] asking corporations to "use their clout" to punish Georgia for its election reform bill. But she didn't really "mean it" like that, you guys. She just meant to write angry letters talking about how evil Republicans are, so as to help her party in the next election.

But when you drop a lion into a locked room, you can't then claim you told it not to eat anyone. Abrams' lies had consequences, and those consequences are now taking money out of the pockets of small businesses in her state. Was her virtue signaling and lying on cable news worth it? I'd guess most voters don't think so, and they shouldn't forget that when 2022 rolls around.

While Georgia Dems are panicking over blowback, Joe Biden's adviser Cecilia Rouse went on Face the Nation with a tone-deaf explanation that workers elsewhere will benefit while Georgians suffer, so it all works out.  I guess Georgians are supposed to take comfort that the working class as a whole ends up with the same number of jobs.  This sort of thinking is what academics specialize in, divorced from the humanity of actual individuals.  This video lasts less than a minute:

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