Biden rings another dinner triangle for illegals to surge on in

In the midst of a border crisis he claims isn't happening, Joe Biden has a peculiar means of stopping it:

By inviting more of them in.

According to Breitbart News:

President Joe Biden’s administration may provide immigration rights and citizenship to many foreign “climate migrants” who claim they are being displaced by climate change, the Associated Press (AP) reported this week.

Which doesn't exactly make sense. If the entire Earth is frying up hot from global warming, why would changing the latitude and longitude of a particular group of foreign nationals make any difference to them, or, for that matter, help the Earth to 'heal,' as the lefties like to put it? Isn't the prospect of bringing foreign nationals to hurricane and wildfire zones afflicting the states as a supposed result of global warming, taking them from the frying pan to the fire? Some refugee logic going on there, but that's far from the worst of it.

The climate-change canard is specifically mentioned in lefty literature as the reason why Central American peasants are leaving their subsistence farms and claiming asylum in the United States.

Never mind that urbanization of this kind has happened all over Latin America, and for many, many years. Climate had nothing to do with it. Poverty did. Where did the favelas of Rio de Janeiro come from? Tell us about the shantytowns of Caracas. For uneducated subsistence farmers, it often makes more sense to leave a hand-to-mouth existence in the zero-infrastructure countryside where the government does nothing, than to try one's luck on the outskirts of the region's miserable oversized cities and live on garbage scraps and Chiclet sales. In places such as Bogota, Medellin, and Lima, the countryside refugees flowing into the cities are actual war refugees, escaping communist guerrilla brutality. I've been to those places -- and I asked.

Joe didn't include them in his invitation, of course, he just rang the triangle for "climate" refugees. If someone mismanages their land, or wants better salary or a country with rule of law, well then, blame the climate, and come on in.

What's obnoxious about this is that pretty much anyone in El Salvador, Honduras, or Guatemala can claim that. Climate change doesn't come for just conuco farms, though, by its own logic it's supposedly all over. So anyone who lives in those places now, country or city, hard-hit farm, or shantydown, has a right to asylum, on climate grounds, since we're the bad guys, you see, and we owe it. Quick, get over here, the time is now, get in before Joe changes his addled mind, so the invitation reads.

Let's also talk about those conuco farms -- farms which subsist by burning brush and forest -- which is why Brazil and Bolivia had a air pollution crisis a couple years ago. These farms exist all over Latin America. What Joe's doing is offering asylum in the states to the very people who are contributing to the polluting by burning all the brush. Those carbon emissions from those subsistence farms, blameworthy or not, add a lot of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Joe's not rewarding greenies with green cards in this current dinner triangle for climate refugees, he's offering it to the biggest polluters.

And the nonsense about climate refugees itself is nonsense, too. Land mismanagement, a failure of government to issue title-deed to peasants for their property rights, all make the land vulnerable to mismanagement, overuse, and burning. It's the tragedy of the commons, as the matter is known. Fix that, and you get American-style greenery and bona fide ownership management.

Breitbart noted that Joe didn't see fit to invite any of the presidents of these Central American countries where the migrants are surging in to the states to his low-viewer conference, you'd think their input might be valuable.

Most hideous of all is that Joe is issuing this climate refugee invitation right in the middle of a border surge.

His previous invitation was to unaccompanied minors, but it's apparently not been enough. That blunder led to many Latin American presidents condemning his idiocy, as tens of thousands surge over and find themselves in overcrowded government detention facilities, filling not just those but stadiums, convention centers and military bases all around the U.S. 

Biden's denied that he's the one responsible, but the double-digit surges in numbers, as well as the news stories of toddlers dumped over the border wall and left alone, killed in high speed car crashes, or abandoned in the desert by smugglers tell another story. Or, you could ask those migrants in Biden t-shirts why they're coming, they'd point to Biden, too.

There was an incentive offered to do things this way instead of use the legal channel, and now Joe's encouraging more of it, inviting pretty much all of Central America and anyone else from any country to claim a chimerical climate refugee status.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that Joe Biden really doesn't care that there's a border surge and actually wants a bigger one. He's likely to get his wish with this one, with a bigger surge about to begin. 


Image: Screen shot from video from Sky News Australia, via YouTube, citing and @crazyraiderrad (IG)

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