Biden family values crawl out of the woodwork in Hunter memoir

CBS asked a lot of softball questions of Joe Biden's ne'er-do-well son, Hunter, who was shilling a book for which he got a $2-million advance, and Hunter himself whitewashed all the important matters around the hard questions of his alleged tax evasion, multimillion-dollar no-show jobs with the Chinese and Ukrainian oligarchs, and cashy relationship with "the Big Guy."

But one thing came out in his skeezy memoirs and the information since was that he's a chip off the old block.

Like old Pop, Hunter was reportedly "doing" his brother's wife, an accusation made today by the wife he shucked.  According to MEAWW, citing the Daily Mail:

President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, has time and again stressed the fact that he had a brief affair with his brother Beau's widow, Hallie, after her husband died. However, emails sent by Hunter's ex-wife, Kathleen Biden, appear to prove that the timeline mentioned by him might not have been entirely accurate after all. 

After Hunter's new memoir, 'Beautiful Things,' which comes out on April 6, revealed that Kathleen found the tell-tale texts on Hunter's old iPad, which sparked their final split, the Daily Mail obtained a number of emails sent by Kathleen Biden in July 2016 showing the aftermath of her reported discovery of romantic texts between her husband and Hallie. She lashes out at Hunter, accusing her then-husband of cheating and buying gifts for his mistress.

Funny: That's just like Joe, who was accused by his current wife's ex of having an affair with her well before the first wife was in the grave due to an automobile accident.  Biden puts out a story of grief and victimhood and redemption, but actually, there was an affair going on under the surface all along.

Like father, like son.  Call it Biden family values.  But as White House spokesweasel Jen Psaki assures us, Joe is a "devout Catholic."

Catholic family values, Joe?  Not in the church I go to.

It demonstrates what an amazing show Joe has put on for the public about his upright steadiness, because all the signs point to an interior life of selfish, egotistic, mendacious chaos.  One picture for the public, the other picture in private.

Seriously, who has these kinds of affairs?  It's as if Joe adopted the early-'70s values of swingers and wife-swappers, and Hunter followed him wherever he went.

All this, plus the handsiness and a side of sex assault, from the statements of Tara Reade, which never got out of Dodge in the press. 

Does this House of Biden ever control itself?  What really went on in that Biden household?  Why was it so different from what it billed itself as?  Joe just got done with an Easter family gathering, the White House said, due to all those family values, you see, forgetting that he told the rest of us that maybe, just maybe, if we behave ourselves, we might be able to gather in small groups for the Fourth of July.  One set of rules for fakey-fake us.  Another set for all you peons out there with the pandemic.

Whatever their values are, that's some pattern to spread to the offspring.  It would explain Hunter's corrupt behavior on the money front.  It would explain Hunter's behavior on the love front.  And who knows what else is out there?  Joe still hasn't even come clean about the naked swims that annoyed the Secret Service, or the tail-pulling incident with Joe coming out of the shower on one of his dogs, which led to his broken foot.

Is there a such thing as selflessness to one's betrothed or loyalty to one's spouse in the Biden household, or does everyone just do what feels good at the time?  Sleep with the wife of the campaign worker, use the real wife's death as a convenient pretext to remarry without breaking Church law, sleep with the bro's wife, then claim it was all about bonding after the brother's death?  It's quite a pattern.  Anyone want to ask Joe or Hunter how this comports with those advertised "devout Catholic" values?  I doubt anyone in the fawning media — and Thomas Lifson, in his piece on media behavior around the Bidens, signals that it has been very fawning, indeed — is going to ask.  But rest assured: it doesn't escape people.

Image: Acaben via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.

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