Biden demands that physicians perform religiously offensive surgery

Obama tried to force nuns to pay for abortion drugs.  Biden is now demanding that Catholic doctors perform mutilating surgery on healthy bodies in accordance with the current fad of so-called "sex change" or "gender transition" surgeries.  This is the inevitable clash the Supreme Court set up between an express First Amendment right and the made up rights the Court generates.

Luke Goodrich, an attorney with Becket, a non-profit, non-partisan law firm dedicated to religious liberty, put out a Twitter thread on Tuesday reporting on Biden's latest attack against religious liberty.  (The Twitter thread is at the end of this post.)  As you read this post, remember that Joe is Mr. Catholic.  He also supports abortion.

The administration is trying to force religious doctors and hospitals to perform so-called "sex change" or "gender transition" surgeries.  It's important to note that these are grossly dishonest euphemisms.  No sex or gender is changed or transitioned just because people take dangerous hormones and get their body parts amputated.

A man is still a man right down to his DNA even if he gets himself castrated, creates a fake vagina that is a source of endless pain and infections, has breast implants, and take hormones that leave him vulnerable to breast cancer and prostate cancer, as well as heart disease and diabetes.  Likewise, a woman is still a woman right down to her DNA even if she has a painful, non-functional penis constructed, her breasts sliced off, and takes hormones that leave her vulnerable to heart disease, diabetes, and ovarian and uterine cancer.

The surgery and hormones also do nothing to deal with the psychic problems that cause people to rebel against their own bodies.  They don't correct the fact that men who identify as women are disproportionately likely to have mothers with serious personality disorders.  They don't offset the societal pressure placed on young girls to declare that they are, in fact, boys. And they do nothing to relieve the deep mental despair that drives 40% of post-surgical people who identify as "transgender" to commit suicide.

These interventions are as helpful as gastric band surgery and diet pills would be for an anorexic.  They are dangerous fads that violate the Hippocratic Oath that all physicians take, with its central promise that the doctor swearing the oath will "first do no harm."

None of that bothers the dangerous ideologues in Washington, D.C.  They come armed with the decisions in Obergefell v. Hodges, finding a constitutional right to same-sex "marriage," and Bostock v. Clayton County, extending Title VII rights to people claiming to be "transgender."  Thanks to these cases making up invisible constitutional rights, the Harris, er, Biden administration feels that they can trump the First Amendment's explicit promise that the government cannot interfere with people's religious liberty.  The administration's position is that doctors must mutilate deeply unhappy people or else!

In 1841, Charles Mackay wrote Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.  The book was concerned with economic bubbles, prophecies, the Crusades, and witch mania, among other things.  Today, that book would have to include a chapter in which the people who control America's institutions insist that biological sex is an imaginary construct that can be changed upon a person's say-so, with dangerous surgeries closing the deal.

Photo by Aiden Craver on Unsplash.

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