Baseball strikes out

I don't really like to write about myself, but a little history is necessary to make my point. So please indulge: I was born into a baseball family. My late father was offered a minor league contract out of high school (the draft didn't exist back then), but he chose to continue his education. He played two years at a junior college, setting the school's home run record in the process. Then came Pearl Harbor. Dad never played ball again but went on an extended road trip to North Africa, Greece, Italy, France, Belgium and Germany. When the war ended, he came home, finished his education and started a career and a family. But he never stopped loving the game.

My earliest memories include dragging around a baseball bat, playing catch with Dad in the yard, going to the ballpark a few times a year, and watching the weekly game on Saturday with Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese calling the action. What fun times they were! As the years went by, I played Little League, Babe Ruth League, Colt League, American Legion and Thoroughbred League, often suiting up for two or three teams in the same summer. I played in high school and junior college and accepted a baseball scholarship to a four-year school. Over the years I played with and against numerous players who would eventually make it to "The Show," a phrase used to describe the major leagues. I walked away from the game after my third year in college and, I admit it, cried when I removed the uniform for the final time. But, like Dad, I never stopped loving the game.

Hopefully I've established my baseball bona fides, so now I'll get to the point: I condemn Major League Baseball, especially its spineless Commissioner Rob Manfred, for pulling the annual All-Star game from Atlanta. Like so many other useful idiots, Manfred bent over for the left-wing mob and its lies, this time regarding Georgia's new voter ID law. Sporting events are a diversion and should never be used as a political prop. My response? I'm unequivocally boycotting Major League Baseball. If I can do it, so can you!

Yeah, I'm a lifelong baseball guy, but first and foremost I'm a patriot. I love our Republic, for what it was before the communist cancer metastasized, and for what it can be again! But we have to take a stand against the Marxist bullies. Baseball is just one example of a major corporation that went "woke." Boycotts alone won't change the ugly course we're on, but it's a piece of the puzzle. We do what we can. Yeah, I love baseball. But I love freedom more. I think Dad would agree with me on that.

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