Augusta National panders to Cancel Culture

The manufactured hysteria over Georgia's totally reasonable voting law has, as usual, prompted numerous major corporations to bow to the fascists at cancel culture.  Genuflecting at the latest Altar of Woke are Major League Baseball, United Airlines, American Airlines, and Coca-Cola, just to name a few.  Also on the mob's hit list in the Peach State is the Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters, considered by many to be the crown jewel of golf's four major championships.  Legendary golfer Bobby Jones, who owned the property and codesigned the original course layout, founded the Masters in 1934.  Augusta National and the Masters are synonymous.  The tournament has never been played anywhere else.

But history and tradition didn't stop the lunatics from cancel culture!  After all, they successfully harassed Major League Baseball into pulling the All-Star Game from Atlanta, so why not try to shame those evil white men at Augusta into moving the Masters out of Georgia?  They knew that it wouldn't work, but the publicity would be priceless.  It would nakedly expose more of the systemic racism that permeates every element of white culture, exemplified by the filthy rich capitalists who manage Augusta National Golf Club.

To no one's surprise, the Masters is being played this week at its traditional home.  But the brain trust at Augusta had to do something to show they weren't total Jim Crow racists.  (A few years back, they did make Condoleezza Rice their first female member — and she is, after all, a "person of color" — but being a "conservative" Republican, albeit an establishment RINO, the woke mob certainly consider her an "Uncle Tom.")  What to do?  Well, since pandering has become a major element in our society (see TV commercials with black actors), Augusta decided to toss a relatively minor wedge shot to cancel culture: make a retired black golfer an "honorary starter."

Beginning in 2007, "The King," Arnold Palmer, was the "honorary starter" at the Masters, teeing off at the opening ceremony.  He was joined by Jack Nicklaus in 2010 and Gary Player in 2012.  "The Big Three," as they are called, had 34 major championships among them, including 13 at the Masters.  This tradition continued until Palmer's death in 2016.  Then it was Nicklaus, Player, and the memory of "The King."  Until this year, that is.  That's when the descendants of DWEM (Dead White European Males) at Augusta threw a bone to the woke mob.  They replaced Arnold Palmer with Lee Elder, one of the first black players to make the PGA tour and the first ever to play at the Masters.  I guess that qualifies him as a legend, because he played in only four Masters, his best finish being a tie for seventeenth in 1979.

Don't get me wrong: Elder had an impressive career.  He overcame a very rough childhood, dealt with real racism in the South (not the false narrative tearing our country apart today), and won four times on the PGA tour, a number that many touring pros never achieve.  Possibly more impressive was his time on the Champions Tour, where PGA pros over the age of 50 compete among themselves.  He won eight times as a senior before retiring in 2005. 

Elder, now 86, deserves respect as both a golfer and a human being.  He overcame a mountain of adversity, had a successful career on the PGA tour, and dedicated much of his time and money to charitable causes.  But the reason he's now part of "The Big Three" is not because he had a "legendary" career, but because of the color of his skin...something that used to be defined as racism.  Anyone who's not brain-dead knows this.

Submitting to cancel culture is out of control, and until people learn to say "no!" to hysterical demands, the fascist feeding frenzy will grow.  Pandering, even in seemingly compassionate ways, is part of the poison and needs to stop as well.  The directors at Augusta National should be embarrassed over their obviously condescending response.  They should have just said, "No!" 

Image: Augusta National, Inc.

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