As rabid Dems run rampant, George Bush decides that now's the time to attack the Republican Party

George Bush has quite the gift for timing.

Just as Democrats whip up riots, threaten juries, plot to pack the Supreme Court, beaver away to end the filibuster, force Critical Race Theory down schoolchildren's throats, open the border to a cartel profit bonanza with untold migrant misery, and spend up a storm, out he comes, loudly criticizing his own party.

According to Politico:

Former President George W. Bush described the modern-day GOP as "isolationist, protectionist, and to a certain extent, nativist" in an interview Tuesday that was packed with implicit criticism of the most recent Republican president.

"It's not exactly my vision" for the party, Bush told NBC's "Today" show in a rare live TV appearance. "But, you know, I'm just an old guy they put out to pasture."

He also threw in this:

As for the Jan. 6 insurrection perpetrated by supporters of former President Donald Trump, "it did make me sick. I felt ill. And I just couldn't believe it," Bush said.

"What's really troubling is how much misinformation there is and the capacity of people to spread all kinds of untruth," he added. "And I don't know what we're going to do about that."

Well, leftists do.  They're censoring conservative thinking of all stripes on social media and creating a cancel culture that makes any American with a viewpoint different from the wokesters into pariahs, silencing them, keeping them out of schools and jobs, cutting off their access to e-commerce, expelling them from retail contracts, tearing down statues, rewriting history to their leftist specifications, imitating Mao Zedong on brainwashing and re-education, and doing everything possible to make the idea of free speech and open debate a sorry joke. 

Bush?  He just likes the result, even if he can't quite bring himself to demonstrate the kind of brazen "courage" the leftists have to say so openly.

Any question as to why people despise him?

He trotted out the old tropes about conservatives, painting them the same way someone like maybe Kamala Harris, our most far-left vice president, would do:

"It's a beautiful country we have. And yet, it's not beautiful when we condemn [and] call people names and scare people about immigration," he said. "It's an easy issue to frighten some of the electorate. And I'm trying to have a different kind of voice."

What the heck was that about?  Conservatives love immigrants.  What they don't love is anyone who illegally breaks into the U.S., partakes of the privileges of citizenship, cancels our votes, drains our welfare system, clogs our hospitals, drags our schools down, presents us with his bills, offers zero education, initiative, or even willingness to learn English in return, and then tells us he's entitled to it, ahead of all the others patiently waiting in the legal immigration lines.

That's xenophobia?  And human waves of illegal border-crossers surging across our border and paying cartels big bucks to do it is calling people names or scaring people about immigration?  What planet does this fool live on?  He's trotting out the Democrat talking points without once addressing the actual problem going on with the open border and Joe Biden's invitation to child migrants traveling alone to come on in.  To paint conservatives as xenophobes simply for recognizing the huge human misery this open-border issue has created is disgusting. 

Here's another thing for this ignorant junior: legal immigrants in huge numbers — such as the Mexican-Americans in Texas border towns and the Cuban-, Colombian-, Nicaraguan-, and Venezuelan-Americans who fled the horrors of communism — are big-time supporters of President Trump, who's the target of Bush's blather.  They voted for him in record numbers, certainly bigger numbers than Bush himself drew.  Here's another thing: this sudden rise in Latino support for Trump is all over, as an Axios report describing a leftist consultant study found.  I wrote about that here.  Bush is jumping in, then, to hurl rotten tomatoes at Latinos for doing it, same as Democrats are.

To be sure, Bush offered some gentle criticism of Joe Biden for pulling out of Afghanistan as of Sept. 11, not because U.S. troops shouldn't be sitting ducks in harm's way till kingdom come in some Stone-Age hellhole, but because:

Bush said he was "deeply concerned about the plight of women and girls" in Afghanistan and feared they were "going to have real trouble with the Taliban" after American troops left the country.

"I think the administration hopes that the girls are going to be okay through diplomacy. We'll find out," Bush said. "All I know is the Taliban, when they had their run of the place, they were brutal. Brutal."

Still all about the Afghan girls, a group of people who are not all that interested in "reform" and plenty of whom eventually grow up to marry Taliban militants.  Thousands of U.S. troops have and should have died in his mind, all because of the Afghani girls and their literacy programs.  Let's just say his focus is rather small.  He used to talk like that a lot when he was in office, too, what, 13 years ago?  He seems to be frozen in amber, forever focused on all those Afghani girls.  He hasn't read up on anything new about the matter, or focused on the NGO corruption surrounding all those literacy programs, or, more to the point, changed a bit.

Then he talks about all that "misinformation" out there, which is probably the most galling of all.  Obviously, it's a reference to President Trump's charge that the election was stolen from him.  Bush who was elected by very skeevy means in 2000, seems to be a fan of fraud, not just because he hates Trump, but because he himself may have benefited from it in 2000, with the Al Gore hanging chad fiasco, which put him over the top in a close election by a narrow margin and began the polarization of the country we have seen since then.  He should be the loudest voice out there to speak out against fraud, and here he goes, repeating the Democratic talking points again. 

Worse still, he patronizes Republican voters who know the deal about this election fraud and want only free and fair elections, same as his precious burka-clad Afghani women have had with their ink-stained fingers.  He ought to be loudly denouncing election fraud if for nothing else to take attention off his own suspect election, and standing up for the voters and state legislators of Georgia, who are trying to plug the holes in their election system.  It shouldn't even be hard for him to do, given Georgia governor Brian Kemp's known loathing of President Trump, as well as the even worse stuff seen in Kemp's lieutenants.

But noooo, he wants to repeat the Democrat talking points and, rather than directly attack Republicans who are against election fraud, declare them ignorant boobs.

He's a hateful, bitter guy, all right, ignoring the rampant leftism of the ascendant, cheating Democrats, who are now extending their corruption, and governing as if they have a full mandate for socialism.  There are so many issues he could speak out about — Democrat voter fraud, Democrat jury intimidation, Democrat incitement, Critical Race Theory, cancel culture, the Democrats' monster expansion of government, the Democrats' tax hikes, solid blue cities full of racists, the real Jim Crow and which party was behind it, the distinction between legal and illegal immigration, the importance of projecting national strength to our enemies, even the wisdom of endless amazing array of issues — but instead, he's decided that now's the time to criticize Republicans.

Too bad the GOP can't rebuke him and kick him out of the Republican Party.  This bitter creep is a Democrat in his loyalties, worse than Mitt Romney or Liz Cheney, with his only wish now in his desire to stab his own Republican voters in the back in exchange for media adulation.

Get the hook.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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