Arizona ballot audit that Dems fought is underway using tech to detect counterfeits

As a rule, people who fight public disclosure tend to have something to hide. Democrats revealed how deeply they fear the discovery of ballot fraud in Arizona when they fought tooth and nail to prevent the audit now underway at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix. Monica Showalter explained how hard they fought – and lost – thanks to a judge with guts that demanded a million-dollar bond from them to cover costs they might impose through their efforts to delay the count.

Yesterday saw the auditors at work, livestreamed from 9 different camera angles. One of the tests they are using that would scare the pants off of anyone who might have employed counterfeit ballots is scanning with UV Light for the watermarks that were used on the genuine ballots. This video shows an auditor performing that test:

Twitter video screengrab (cropped)



There are other tests as well, such as looking for a crease, which would be present in any absentee ballot that had to be folded in order to be mailed.

President Trump is concerned about security at the Coliseum and is demanding Governor Doug Ducey (with whom Trump has been feuding) supply “large-scale” forces:

A former security officer in Arizona who inspected the facility for Gateway Pundit says the security appears “solid.”

Based on my brief visit to the coliseum on a Friday evening, even if someone were to get past the manned outer gates, there is a lot of open space between those gates and the Coliseum itself, so the chances of successfully sneaking into the Coliseum are slim.

If the audit uncovers enough provably counterfeit ballots to change the electoral result, it would destroy the narrative that questioning the election is harmful to democracy. Stealing elections is far more harmful.  But Biden would remain in office, as there is no mechanism for unseating a president for vote fraud once the Electoral College has voted. Still, it would show his presidency is illegitimate, and provide a huge incentive for voters to elect Republicans in 2022 to keep an eye on him and constrain his power.

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