Amid spin, Joe Biden's polling indicators are crumbling

The press is hailing Joe Biden's approval numbers as he reaches the first 100 days in office.

PJMedia, in two posts by Stephen Kruizer and Stacey Lennox, has curated some choice headlines seen on Twitter and beyond that show it, such as these:

Biden receives positive marks at 100 days - CBS News poll -CBS News

Biden's 100 days: Low-end approval, yet strong marks on pandemic response: POLL -ABC News

...and this gushy televised exchange:

Harris: We have newly released numbers this morning from an ABC News/Washington Post poll. Look at this. Fifty-two percent of Americans approve of Joe Biden's work in office as he approaches the 100-day mark. That is ten points higher than Donald Trump at this point in his presidency, but 17 points lower than Barack Obama. So, let's bring in our ABC News political director, Rick Klein. Rick, good morning. What's your take on these top-line numbers from the poll?

Klein: Dan, Biden's honeymoon appears to be ending, if it was even there in the first place. What's so striking here is, you can at the same time say President Biden is in so much stronger position than his predecessor, but so much weaker than almost everyone else that we've seen at this point in a presidency. And the easiest culprit to blame here is partisanship.

The broad numbers themselves, from multiple polls, can be snapshotted as in this RealClearPolitics sidebar:

That can be read here.

The short answer to all this gushing is that the press is biased and spinning for Biden.

The innards of these polls actually show a lot of trouble. 

For one thing, independent support for Biden is falling.  RedState points out that the big weak spot for Biden among independents is his atrocious handling of the border.  The Fox News poll's question about whether security is better or worse or the same at the border showed that 46% of voters felt that border security in 2021 is worse than two years ago, a sharp spike from the 17% who said that in 2018.  Independents accounted for much of that fall.

For another, these pollsters oversampled Democrats.  Most showed large margins of registered Democrats sampled that didn't coincide with the percentages of voters who voted from both parties in 2020.  That breakdown should have been 36% registered Republicans and 37% registered Democrats.  It wasn't.  The pollsters polled as if Democrats amounted to as much as 50% of the majority.

NewsBusters pointed out that with all this oversampling of Democrats to rig the results, they still didn't get the rosy report they wanted, which suggests things could be very bad, indeed.

"Partisanship" was blamed for the trouble by at least one television pundit, which could mean several things.

One, Biden is the most partisan president in history, governing as a radical far-left Corbynite, seeking to dismantle the Constitution, the public fisc, the Courts, America's energy independence, and the voting system itself.  That's going down particularly badly among independents, but also includes Republicans.

Two, Biden has pledged "unity" and done exactly the opposite of what he got the public to focus on.  He's initiated transgender bathrooms, dismantled the border, triggered a border surge, introduced wokester education, fomented racial hate, and attempted to smear any state attempting reasonable measures to ensure voter rights and ballot integrity.  All of those things are unpopular except among the radical left crazies.

A third piece of news is related to this partisanship/unity issue that comes via email from Raghavan Mayur and his site. The IBD/TIPP poll the firm produces is America's most accurate pollster.

The link can be read here* -- and it has a lot of useful charts. I will paste in some regarding his newly released TIPP Unity Index and summarize.  He writes:

The TIPP Unity Index registered a somber reading of 37.8, reflecting the country's high level of division in April.

A whopping 61 percent believe the country is divided, while only 33 percent believe it is united.

The Unity Index

TechnoMetrica, in its tradition of out-of-box thinking, developed the Unity Index, a barometer of the country's unity, based on the question:

In general, would you say the United States is Very United, Somewhat United, Not Very United, or Not At All United?

He found this:

In April, thirty of the 36 demographic groups we track believe the country is divided.

The demographic groups that believe the country is united are in the 25 to 44 age group, urban residents, those earning $75K or more, Democrats, and those with a college degree or higher.

On the other end, the groups that feel extreme division in the country are 65 or older, rural residents, independents, some college education, and Republicans.

Where was the discord highest?  You guessed it: on presidential leadership, where the standard deviation came in at 12.4.  Other issues above the mean were "direction of country," "morals and ethics," and "standing in the world."  The areas below the mean were "national outlook," "economic outlook," "quality of life," and "financial stress."

Where's the problem again?  Looking at you, Joe Biden.

That can't be good news for the worst president within memory.  Media lapdogs may sing Joe's praises, but the devil is right there in the details for Joe.

Image: Screen shot from video posted by via Twitter.

*This post has been updated, with the link cited.

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