A tragic death on Capitol Hill shows leftism's colors

On Friday, a man rammed a car into Capitol Police officers and then jumped out wielding a knife. One officer and the attacker died, and another officer was seriously injured.  Leftists instantly politicized the story, claiming that it was a white supremacist attack.  Then, when it turned out that the killer was a Black Muslim, they fell completely silent — or still blamed Trump.

Regarding the actual event, the facts are spare: the killer, Noah Green, was 25 or so and was a passionate supporter of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam.  We know this from his Facebook posts, although Facebook has since deleted the account.  Over the years, Farrakhan, once known as the mediocre singer "Calypso Gene," has distinguished himself with his openly anti-white and anti-Semitic rhetoric.  Still, he sat next to Bill Clinton at Aretha Franklin's funeral.

Police officer William "Billy" Evans died, although it's unclear whether he died because the killer's car struck him or because the killer later stabbed him.  The other police officer, whose name isn't known, is in critical condition.  The killer died as well after Capitol Police officers shot him.  As of this writing, the official line is that the killer was mentally ill, not a terrorist.

And that's it.  That's what we know.  Our thoughts are with Officer Evans and the other, unknown, officer and their families.

Immediately after news broke, and in an almost complete information vacuum, leftists, both within and outside the media, starting casting blame.

A columnist at The Bulwark (a Democrat-allied *ahem* "non-partisan" outlet) instantly stated that the event was "political violence."  The tweet mysteriously vanished when it emerged that the killer wasn't a blonde Nazi youth:

A Twitter blue-check with almost no followers named "Dr. Jialun" went viral for immediately concluding that the event was another January 6:

Even when the facts proved Dr. Jialun wrong, the good doctor nevertheless blamed Trump and January 6 in another tweet that went viral:

Ilhan Omar, after offering a nice statement of sympathy, instantly pivoted to make it all about guns:

Do we tell her that it was a bullet that stopped the killer?  Does she care that, in 2019, men wielding knives killed two adults and a teenager (leaving a two-year-old boy and a newborn girl alone in the house with the bodies)?  Meanwhile, in China, knife attacks are the norm, and they are devastating.  All of it's irrelevant, of course.  Omar is making political points while practically standing over the bodies.

And then there was former FBI director (and probable Russia Hoax conspirator) Andrew McCabe, who's clearly a fan of the above-named Dr. Jialun.  McCabe said the Black Muslim killer, who's 99.999% not a Trump-supporter, nevertheless was motivated by the events of January 6.

I don't know about the killer, but it's clear that, from here to eternity, the leftists' go-to explanations for all bad things will be (a) white supremacists, (b) Trump, and (c) January 6 or, of course, (d) some combination of all three.

Unlike Jialun and McCabe, most leftists, once they learned that the killer was a Muslim fell as silent as they did after a Syrian-born Trump-hater slaughtered ten people at a supermarket that, coincidentally or not, had a big ad promoting its Kosher food section.  Just as Orwell knew that, on the totalitarian Animal Farm, while all animals are equal, "some animals are more equal than others," in leftist world, the only brutal deaths worth noting are the ones that advance the political narrative.

Image: The Capitol Hill killer.  Twitter screen grab.

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