Will our politicos ever fight for us?

I've had it.  I'm pretty sure we've all had it, collectively.  How long do we have to get nothing from Congress besides emails asking for money?  Republicans in Congress seem to make begging a business, just like the homeless.  My junk mailbox is filled every day.  Sometimes ten from just one "campaign."

Is that all we, the American people, are good for?  To feed the coffers of our do-nothing class, so they can sit around and whine?  When will Republicans in the House and Senate be done whining and act on our behalf?  When are they going to corral their fellow reps and senators and unite for the common good?  When are they going to counter the wrecking ball that is the Democrat agenda?  When, for the sake of whatever god anyone might pray to, are they going to do something about the nightmare we are all living in?

All the pols come on talk shows and basically banter back and forth with the host.  It's all in good humor, smiles all around.  Before saying anything controversial, the mealy-mouthed phrases must be uttered: how wrong the January 6th "insurrection" was, how much they know there are "good people" in the FBI, etc.  All I can say to that is, "B-------!"

Sometimes a brave host, someone like Maria Bartiromo, calls the guest on this stuff, and actually asks, "What are you going to do about it?"  Then we get to watch the art of dissembling in action.  The politicians don't give a real answer.  If anything, we get a litany of why not, and it all boils down to not having the "power" and the "leverage" needed to make a change.  Not a good enough answer!

It doesn't seem to me that the Dems ever take a back seat.  I think about the Trump presidency.  We had the Senate for a while.  Remember?  Yet not a single good thing came from it.  It's time our strongest people started rounding up the cohort of their fellow do-nothings, corral them in one place, and force a meeting of the minds that leads to an action plan.  It's not enough to trot out the old platitudes anymore.  Keep it up, and we just won't have a country.

I realize everyone has some agenda.  McConnell has a wife neck-deep in China trade.  Romney should have run as a lib.  Maybe, just maybe, it's time to say "adiós" to Mitch and get a leader in there who isn't tied down?  Maybe somebody who has the strength to twist Romney's arm?

I realize we don't have either the Senate or the House now.  But neither must be a lost cause.  Do you think for a second that there aren't some more conservative, old-school Dems in both houses who are just as appalled at what's happening in their party as we are out here in the real world?  If the Republicans could create a united stance for the good of our country and against the tyrants currently ruling us, believe me, some of them would quietly join in. But at this point, there's nothing to join into.

The evidence of massive election fraud apparently wasn't enough to get the Republicans going.  How any person of conscience could swallow the "nothing to see here" BS, I don't know.  The set-up of the inauguration break-in and the fence are blatant.  It was planned, by the left, as the coup de grâce to get rid of the threat presented by the right.  Checkmate; roll over, you Republican dogs, show us your belly, and submit.  End of the line.  Ha, ha, ha.

Now, at great expense of manpower and technology, the Dems are rounding up every last person who walked into the Capitol in order to charge them with crimes that, even if they can't be proven, will ruin the families of the people who dared to enter.  They will be financially decimated defending themselves, some few will be imprisoned, and all will be paraded in front of the rest of us as a warning.  Better not cross us.  We'll take you down because we can.  It doesn't matter that we make no sense because we've got the media on our side.  We've got the Republicans and more conservative Democrats running scared.  We win.

It doesn't have to be so.  Republicans, unite!  Make noise!  Act!  Tell the truth!  Shout it from the rooftops, and on every talk show you can.  Challenge the laggards.  DO YOUR JOB!

Image: Boxer by Pxfuel.

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