Why Democrats are scared

Not everyone is aware that the journalist Ambrose Bierce (1842–1914) wrote short stories, poems, and fables.  His best known story, "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," is perhaps the most famous. It was an episode of Twilight Zone and is included in many anthologies of American literature.  He was a prolific man of letters.  His Devil's Dictionary was named one of the top one hundred masterpieces of American literature.

Few people remember his fables, which are less well known than Aesop's but just as wise and just as biting.  One of them is entitled "Alarm and Pride."  It is a perfectly apt description of what Americans today face with the leftists now in control of all three branches of government.  Here it is: 

"GOOD-MORNING, my friend," said Alarm to Pride; "how are you this morning?"

"Very tired," replied Pride, seating himself on a stone by the wayside and mopping his steaming brow. "The politicians are wearing me out by pointing to their dirty records with ME, when they could as well use a stick."

Alarm sighed sympathetically, and said:

"It is pretty much the same way here. Instead of using an opera-glass they view the acts of their opponents with ME!" As these patient drudges were mingling their tears, they were notified that they must go on duty again, for one of the political parties had nominated a thief and was about to hold a gratification meeting.

Bierce's little parable describes our plight in the face of the tsunami of leftist abrogation of our Constitution since they illicitly took power.  Not even their mouthpieces in the media believe that Biden won the election fair and square.  That is why they protest so hysterically when anyone states the obvious.  That is why there are seven or eight thousand National Guard troops stationed as props around the Capitol in D.C.  As Devin Nunes remarked, it is a Hollywood production, all for show, a pseudo-event meant to send a particular message: we are running the show now.  You will do as we say, and you'll like it.

The frightening thing about all this is how many Americans have fallen for the show and all its production values — the lockdowns, mask mandates, the vaccine, every new reason to continue all the nonsense.  It's all been a sort of mass hypnosis, something like the Salem Witch Trials (1692).  One would think we would know better since a few hundred years have passed. 

The Democrats are proud of their ill gotten success, but they know they cheated, and they are afraid of the truth eventually being revealed.  They are consumed with pride and alarm — pride in their power, alarmed that they cannot force the probably seventy-five-plus millions of voters who support Trump to submit to their authoritarian agenda.

Their solution?  We must be forced to comply by any means necessary.  Any and all discussion or references to the fraud that so characterized the 2020 election must be censored.  And it has been censored, just as any legitimate but skeptical medical opinions about COVID and the vaccine must be censored and most certainly have been.

The alarm of the left dictates the deletion of any and all voices that do not align with the fear-mongering narrative that COVID is going to kill us all if we do not submit to their tyrannical restrictions on our freedom.  Their "narrative" is all nonsense, a ruse, part of a grand plan, the "great reset."  We are all just pawns in their game of re-organizing civilization, here, there (Europe), and everywhere.  Their pride will be the death of us all unless those of us who venerate the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution fight back.

The left is terribly alarmed by the support President Trump still garners, that it not only remains strong among his supporters, but seems to be growing after only a month-plus of the hapless Biden administration.  Did they not realize that their plan to undo every bit of good Trump did would only further anger those millions of people?  On day one, Biden put thousands of pipeline workers out of work.  He ended the employment of all those working on building the southern border wall.  He campaigned on opening up the border so that we now have a border crisis that dwarfs the previous breaches.  It will surely devastate our border cities and the communities from which they are bussed into the interior of this nation.

The pride and arrogance of people like Pelosi, Obama, Biden, and Schumer may well be the death of this nation if conservatives do not get together and stop all this any way possibly available to them.  Can a Democrat who supports an open, unrestricted border even think about being re-elected?  Probably not.  Every Democrat in Congress is being betrayed by Biden or whoever is calling the shots.

Democrats "elected" a corrupt man, a plagiarist, a liar, and a traitor who is selling us out to China, and they expect us all to be onboard?  They are alarmed at our intransigence.  We are horrified by their pride, their alarm at our resistance and their blatant treason.  Beginning with the Russia hoax, clearly a coup attempt, and their current plan to transform the U.S. into a submissive member of a one-world government in which we are meant to be the cash cow, their pride must be their downfall.

Image credit: Pixy.orgCC0.

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