When (a few) progressives tell the truth (sometimes)

Most progressives walk around in a bubble where everyone agrees with them because they all get their news from the mainstream media propaganda machine.  They are incredibly boring and more than a little frustrating.  But a few progs out there sometimes see, and even write what some of us would agree is the truth on certain issues.  Even though they are wrong about most everything else, they have the guts to stand up against their friends and colleagues on certain issues.  It can't be easy getting canceled by so many on your side. 

Consider a few of the investigative journalists on the front lines of the political divide.

YouTube legend Jimmy Dore, who was recently characterized by the Daily Beast as the poster child for the "Dirtbag Left," has been my gateway to the world of independent progressive media.  Lefty activists like Aaron Maté, Michael Tracey, and Glenn Greenwald have established themselves outside the mainstream news apparatus and are challenging the manufactured messaging of the legacy media.  These guys do not share my social values, nor my small government mentality, but they do offer a perspective on national and global events that may have otherwise been missed.

Whether it's Maté's Syrian chemical weapon coverage , Greenwald's free speech crusades, or Tracey's pro–small business take on BLM protests, the independent progressive left are actually providing some essential news coverage.  They have consistently and methodically debunked Russiagate and have not shied away from exposing the special, meddling interests of the global elite.  When have Ivy League phonies like Ben Sasse ever called out the ruling class?

A class war has been waged that should certainly unite our ideologically estranged citizenry as our most basic interests are at stake.  All efforts to expose political corruption and malfeasance, especially those instances that will prove devastating to the future of a free and sovereign society, should be supported and ultimately championed by the collective majority.

Extreme censorship, in particular, is one of the most prominent characteristics of the "new normal" tyrannical movement. The gratuitous de-platforming, message blocking, and overall silencing of factual and verifiable public service content, is a blatant attack on the constitutional rights of every American, including those with whom we are not ideologically aligned. 

In the game of life, a corrupted bipartisan establishment beholden to a ruling class elite power structure striving to enslave all of humanity is not worthy of our loyalty. 

At this time in our beleaguered nation's history, our few ideological rivals awakened to the bitter reality from the wrong side of the cultural divide are no longer just "useful idiots"; they're actually plain useful.

Photo credit: "Loneliness" by Bert KaufmanCC BY-2.0 license.

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