What can we do?

This is no time for despondency.  There is much that can be done in this age of progressive fascism to resist and beat back their ideas and implementations.

Pay attention to politicians' actions, not their words.  Look at how they vote.  Write them and tell them you are watching them.

Pray alone and pray with your family.  Go to church.  Tithe.  Prioritize giving to Christian charities.  Learn and be faithful to God's Word.  Teach your children to know, fear, and love God.  Know that everything that is good and beautiful and true comes from God.

Anchor with MLK, not BLM.  Always remind your progressive friends that the Democrat party is the historical party of racism, slavery, Jim Crow laws, KKK membership and leadership, segregation, and violence against civil rights proponents.  If you are white and you are accosted for white supremacy or white privilege, introduce your accusers to Jesus Christ, whose thoughts on racism included the command that we love our neighbors as ourselves.  Teach them Acts 17:26: "Out of one blood God created the men of all nations."  Teach them MLK's dream: "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Stop supporting woke corporations.  Boycotts can work.  Ask Fox News if their progressive pivot in November went unnoticed by their audience.  Watch Newsmax or OANN instead.  Don't vacation at Disney or buy its toys.  Amazon's Jeff Bezos thinks his white employees are inherently racist, so what does he think of you?  Cancel your Prime membership.  There are many footwear manufacturers besides Nike.  There are many computer manufacturers besides Apple.  Soft drinks can come from other than Coca-Cola.  Communication along with your boycott will hammer the message home why sales are down.

Quit totalitarian social media platforms.  Get off Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Support alternative free speech platforms such as Gab and Parler.  Drop Chrome and Firefox.  Use the Dissenter browser with the DuckDuckGo search engine.

Stop viewing and subscribing to the Lugenpress including ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NYT, PBS, Univision, WSJ, and WaPo.  If your local newspaper is a member of the Lugenpress, then cancel your subscription.  It's a shame Drudge Report joined the Lugenpress.  Instead, try the websites for Breitbart, conservativeplaylist, thelibertydaily, and TheBlaze.

Homeschool your kids.  Or put your kids in Christian schools.  Teach your children what a great and exceptional country is the United States.  Teach them our country's founding principles, Declaration of Independence and Constitution, American history with our heroes and heroines, settlers, pioneers, entrepreneurs, inventors, discoverers, and industrialists.  They need to learn that socialism immiserates and impoverishes because economic calculation is impossible, while capitalism is the only economic system demonstrated to reduce poverty because, using market prices, it provides products and services people need and want.  Teach our great musical heritage.  Have them read great books.

Direct school dollars to parents for real school choice.  Introduce competition to government schools, or else they will never improve.  If you think government schools are bad now, know there is no bottom.  Certainly, government schools won't let your children know that LGBT sexual deviancy is unnatural, abnormal, and immoral.  Stop donations to universities and colleges if they indoctrinate students to accept or celebrate LGBT sexual deviancy, or if they have departments teaching gender studies, women's studies, black studies, or Critical Race Theory.  Work to end tenure in colleges and universities so poisonous professors and presidents can be fired.  Run for school board and reject progressive curricula and books.  Put the Ten Commandments and Bible study back in government schools.

Run for political office.  Establish a personal term limit.  This will help protect you from getting co-opted by the progressive establishment.  If you get elected, then do what you said you were going to do.  Else, join and support candidates in primary challenges against incumbents.  Write to elected politicians and be clear what programs, offices, agencies, and departments should be eliminated.  Don't request cuts, because, to an elected politician, a cut means a smaller increase.  Stop voting for incumbents who have progressive actions.  He's not the lesser of two evils; he's just evil in your team color.  We're not looking for purity, but we need to avoid contamination.

Demand elected politicians stop voting to fund Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer dollars enabling their abortion business, because money is fungible.  Also, Planned Parenthood's growth business is trapping children in transgender hormone therapy, counseling, and support services.  There is synergy with government schools introducing and encouraging LGBT sexual deviancy to steer your children, so Planned Parenthood can prey upon them.

Demand elected politicians stop voting for omnibus spending bills.  This is the mechanism by which Leviathan grows.  Both teams grow their respective piece of the pie at taxpayers' expense.  Instead, require that single appropriation bills be proposed for debate and public scrutiny.  This is the mechanism for eliminating programs, offices, agencies, and departments.

Our Constitution defines only limited, enumerated areas for federal government responsibility.  Require that elected politicians chop Leviathan down to size by eliminating funding for the United Nations, Department of Health and Human Services, Transportation Security Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, National Endowment for the Arts, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and the Departments of Commerce, Education, Homeland Security, Energy, and Interior.  Don't settle for smaller size; demand elimination.

Demand compliance with our Constitution's provision that only Congress may legislate.  If any bureaucracy in the Executive Branch drafts regulations, then these proposals must return to Congress for consideration as new laws.  The current practice of bureaucracies passing regulations having the force of law is unconstitutional.

Demand impeachment and removal from office for justices legislating from the bench.  Candidates are Associate Justice Gorsuch, who can read invisible writing providing Title VII civil rights protection for LGBT sexual deviants.  Also, Chief Justice John Roberts authored legislation in NFIB v. Sebelius authorizing the federal government, for the first time, to tax inactivity.  Besides this, Chief Justice Roberts thinks the hierarchy isn't the Constitution above any treaty or precedent.  Rather, he thinks the Constitution can be amended by treaty and precedent, placing the Constitution in a subordinate position to some treaty or precedent, which is unconstitutional.  Judge Roberts's dangerous view means we effectively don't have a Constitution or protected rights.

Demand that the Federal Reserve's charter be restricted to protecting the dollar's soundness.  Stop the loose monetary policy facilitating government deficits and payment for endless wars.  Loose monetary policy benefits banks, financiers, and the wealthy at the expense of a lower standard of living with fewer opportunities for the poor and middle class.  First you see rapid inflation in the stock market and real estate.  Later, you notice fewer jobs and persistent rising prices in the supermarket, home improvement and department stores, restaurants, and car dealerships.

Demand that elected politicians publish detailed plans so the next time progressives try a stampede, such as was done for the Wuhan coronavirus, then our constitutional rights (e.g. Amendments 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, and 10) aren't trampled.  Next time, all of Team Red needs to defend the plain meaning of our Constitution and rights that We the People have that prohibit all these over-reaching government actions that flattened our economy.

Whitson G. Waldo, III is a capitalist, a venture capitalist, and master and skipper of a 43-foot monohull sloop sailing vessel.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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