Uh-oh! They let Biden get in front of a microphone again

Even ten minutes reading from a teleprompter on a Saturday afternoon was too much for the 46th President of the United States. I suppose his handlers figured that it was important to mark Senate passage of the nearly $2 trillion pork-laden, blue state-bailing out “stimulus” bill with some presidential remarks. It may, after all, turn out to be the high point of the Biden presidency, since Senate passage of the rest of the Biden agenda looks iffy, now that Senators Manchin and Sinema have stated their opposition to ending the filibuster.

But how much longer will the American people accept the spectacle of their commander-in-chief visibly incapable of coherence? It’s painful to watch even 35 seconds of it.



When he had all of his (limited) faculties, Biden knew that a bipartisan bill was one that attracted votes from both parties. The husk of his former self does not.

We’re all getting older, and it is no fun at all to notice how addled he is getting.

My guess is that his handlers had some date in mind for pulling the plug on Joe’s presidency via the 25th Amendment, figuring that it would look too fishy to evacuate him from the Oval Office too soon. A year at least, right? Anything less would suggest that they knew he was unable to perform the duties of office but pulled a fast one on the voters with the enthusiastic help of the media. Not even Democrat primary voters were willing to vote for Kamala as president, so he was her human shield, her stand-in.

But poor Joe seems to be fading fast. The awesome responsibilities of office seem to age presidents at a scary pace (except Donald Trump, who looked in terrific form a week ago at CPAC).  Jen Psaki asked for 3+ weeks until he does a press conference. I am beginning to wonder if that will be the one where he announces he is stepping aside?

The part that bothers me the most are his eyes, the windows on his soul.

It’s really uncomfortable how much those eyes resemble this guy:

Remember him? Someone else has been struck by the resemblance and created this amusing video:


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