Thuggery run rampant in the Cuomo family of New York

The governor of New York has been in the news for two reasons: first, his obvious incompetence in managing the pandemic in his state, which has had the most deaths and hospitalized per capita, and second, his serial abuse of women on his payroll.  For these, the #MeToo movement remained relatively silent, proving how much they really care about the welfare of women.  Meanwhile, Cuomo was awarded an Emmy for his performance running for higher office at CNN in the guise of COVID briefings that lasted hours, wasting the nation's time.

Liberals regularly award other liberals Tonys, Oscars, Emmys, Nobels, Pulitzers — from progressives, by progressives, and only for progressives.  There's only one qualification for these: one has to be progressive.

In 2013, behind smoke-filled doors, in the middle of the night, with no debate or dissent allowed, Governor Andrew Cuomo told the People of New York, "I'll make you an offer you can't refuse!"

He did, first by depriving New Yorkers of their First Amendment rights to dissent or debate about gun rights and, more importantly, the opportunity to vote against Cuomo's obvious tyranny.  That same night, against the will of the state's majority, the thug deprived the people of their Second Amendment rights by outlawing common firearms, which women home alone can no longer use to defend themselves and their children — meaning against the violent perps not earlier prosecuted for gun crimes by Cuomo's staff.  These are the ones who would kick in their rear doors wearing FORWARD! lapel pins.

The governor then gloated about his malevolent acts against his state's citizens.

In the half-century before Cuomo forced through the New York Safe Act in the middle of the night with no debate allowed, no children were ever killed by AR-15s, the weapons that Cuomo outlawed.

Since the bill was passed almost a decade ago, no children have been killed by the same AR-15s Cuomo outlawed.  You see the improvement?

We have no way to know how many assaults, rapes, robberies, and murders committed by violent felons could have been prevented with the threat of armed self-defense.

In 2020, Governor Andrew Cuomo's little brother Chris, a talking head at CNN, daily promoted his brother's presidential aspirations on the same news channel that called Donald Trump a thug — daily.  Earlier, Chris threatened Republicans with more than "losing the elections" that his news organization rigged with other news organizations, social media, and businesses that profited from the massive international corruption at taxpayers' expense.

Last year, the then-COVID-infected Chris Cuomo, always looking after the interests of New York's people, put at risk the whole of Eastern Long Island.  He appeared unannounced in New York's elite Riviera, the Hamptons.  On his unnecessary day trip, the loudmouth, highly opinionated thug, a weightlifter, threatened a passing bicyclist who objected to the news anchor's ignoring social distancing guidelines, his traveling just for pleasure, and not wearing his mask.

Having no choice, the threatened bicyclist then wisely filed a police report to defend himself from a potential future Cuomo threat.

Shortly after, Cuomo infected the rest of his family with COVID-19, including his children.

The bottom line of this story?

A thug is a thug is a thug, no matter whether his name is Andrew Cuomo or Chris Cuomo.  Their dad, a progressive icon, was the same.  And then the fruits from his tree fell.

Image: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New Yorkvia Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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