There's a new sheriff in town

There's a new sheriff in town, and he cares not a whit for you, your family, or your country.  The rescinding of the "public charge" rule was the latest domino to fall in the Biden administration's abandonment of all Trump-era measures to restrict immigration and protect the border.

People breaking into our country now do so with impunity.  They are still breaking the law, but there is no enforcement in the wokeisphere.

In the old America, if you wanted to become a citizen, you had to show proficiency in English, a basic understanding of American civics, and the ability to support yourself.  Then you would get in line with all the other applicants.

The impact of those requirements would now appear to be negligible with most aliens coming here illegally.  The Biden administration sees only votes and will promote any law or take any executive action that makes it easier to enter the country.

Once they're here, Biden wants to ease and shorten the path to citizenship.  This will provide the left with an endless supply of Democrat voters and undermine the fabric of the American culture that they so loathe.  Two birds with one stone.  Welcome to wokeworld.

Illegal aliens enjoy a special status that American citizens do not.  They are largely ignored or protected in many states and municipalities, and they are eligible for benefits they have not paid for.  The vast majority work hard and simply want a better life for themselves and their families, but the fact is that they broke our laws to come here.  In Biden's woke America, they will be rewarded for it.

This situation is not sustainable. With open borders and open benefits, the millions coming today will soon be tens of millions.  With such an abrupt change in demographics, the American culture will likely start to dissolve under the pressure.  When foreigners can come into the United States with little more than an obligation to attend a hearing two years down the road, and over ninety percent don't show up, then we have no border.  If we have no border, we have no country.

The last great migration to America ended around 1920.  This was almost entirely legal immigration, so we knew who was coming and how many.  It took a forty-year cooling-off period for the country to absorb the new immigrants and for those immigrants to assimilate into American culture.  There'll be no such luxury this time.  The new numbers dwarf the last wave, and they will only be accelerating.

Even the "wokest" of Western nations understands the necessity for a secure border.  Most, despite the boatloads of refugees they take in each year, are quite strict in administering and protecting their borders.  How is it that America has come to forsake its own security and that of its people?

The answer lies with America's leftist elite.  They are a caste of preening, narcissistic would-be aristocrats, and they need a burgeoning underclass to keep voting for Democrats to support their lifestyles and egos.

They import voters from third-world countries and tear down America's middle class while claiming to be the latter's champion.  They build walls around their houses.  They build walls around their communities, and now they have built a wall around the capital.  All this while fiercely opposing a wall at the southern border, where all varieties of turpitude and criminality are imported into the United States.

The rank hypocrisy is hiding in plain sight.  The new Marxist elites can live behind walls, but average citizens are left to fend for themselves.  The woke folk have armed guards and state-of-the-art law enforcement while community policing is defunded and our Second Amendment rights are threatened with new restrictions and taxation.  There is increasingly nowhere for the average person to turn to for justice and security.

The Cloward-Piven plan from the 1960s called for overwhelming America's social welfare system to topple capitalism and usher in a new utopian, socialist government.  With the backdrop of an overtaxed citizenry, massive illegal immigration, a rapid increase in violent crime, endless wars, endless crises, and an exploding national debt, the pieces are all in place for large-scale social unrest.  Just the way they planned it.

Image: Illegal aliens.  YouTube screen grab.

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