The profoundly poisonous consequences of Dems and their media allies exploiting the Atlanta massage parlor shootings

The deranged sex addict who assassinated 9 people came at the perfect time to divert media attention from the border crisis and President Biden’s accelerating physical and mental deterioration. The ridiculous assertion that by calling Covid 19 a “China virus” or the “Wuhan virus” President Trump has encouraged bias against Asian Americans finally had some purported victims – though there is no evidence that the shooter had any bias against people of Asian descent. Rather, he apparently blamed and shot sex workers, 6 of whom happened to be Asian, for his inability to stop paying women in massage parlor brothels for sex.

YouTube screengrab

Tracy Quan, a retired escort who has written novels about a call girl, called it a “hate crime against sex workers” and explained:

 Despite my Asian background, I find his disavowal of racism strangely credible. Like a lot of people, I’ve experienced bias and ethnic profiling, but I’ve also been a sex worker, and I have encountered more prejudice, more name-calling, more fear, anger and hostility in connection with my sex work than regarding my race.

The propagandists at our major media and President Biden himself are not concerned about actual evidence in their fury to persuade Asian Americans to hate Trump and Republicans.  They fear the growing realization among Asian American voters that it is progressives who behave toward them with racism.  Progressives at major American universities explicitly discriminate against Asian applicants to prestige schools. Standardized tests like the SATs are being discarded because too many Asian kids work hard at their studies and excel.  This has started to turn members of America’s fastest-growing ethnic minority against them.  

Academic diligence, which many Asian immigrants embrace as the means of economic advancement, is now even being demonized as “white supremacist thinking” by the Black Vice President of the San Francisco school board.

A friend emailed yesterday:

I don’t get this idea that if you criticize the conduct of a country such as China You’re out of bounds because lunatics will attack Chinese Americans.

There are Americans from almost every nation on Earth. Are we to refrain from criticizing all other nations who have American citizens?

There is a trap here for leftists. Many Jew haters piously claim that they criticize Israel on grounds they apply to no other nation on earth, but claim they are not anti-Semites. And many progs demonize Trump supporters, while seeking to erase from memory the 2017 attempted mass assassination of the GOP caucus in the House of Representatives by James Hodgkinson, a Bernie bro and email correspondent with Senator Dick Durbin.

All this rational thought counts for nothing among progressives… even at the supposedly elevated intellectual level of post-graduate education. William Jacobson, an adjunct professor of law at Cornell University writes of a shocking incident at the University of San Diego Law School, where a professor is being accused and denounced, even by the dean, for inciting bigotry merely for criticizing China.

U. San Diego Law Prof. Thomas Smith Harshly Criticized Chinese Gov’t, Now Faces False Claims Of Ethnic Bias

In a personal blog post, Professor Thomas Smith used colorful language to attack the Chinese government over the coronavirus, but student activists falsely claim he disparaged Chinese people as an ethnic group, and Dean Robert Schapiro has denounced the professor, who now faces law school and university bias investigations.

Thomas Smith, a corporate law professor at University of San Diego Law School since 1992, is the target of a malicious and dishonest smear campaign by students falsely claiming that in a blog post Prof. Smith disparaged the Chinese ethnic group.

In fact, any plain reading of the post demonstrates that the criticisms were directed at the Chinese government, not at Chinese people as an ethnic group. Nonetheless, Dean Robert Schapiro disgracefully denounced Prof. Smith and an investigation has been launched by the law school and university into alleged violation of anti-bias rules.

I urge you to read the whole thing, and as you do, recall that law schools are supposed to teach students how to read texts and reason closely.

The recent debacle in Anchorage, where Chinese diplomats pantsed the American delegation to the bilateral hi-level meeting, was in part due to the self-sabotage of all these claims that Americans are racist towards Chinese people because of criticism of China’s behavior in its spreading of Covid to the world.

The Biden administration, in other words, is sacrificing important diplomatic gains, turning them into losses, because of its eagerness to score bogus political points against Republicans and conservatives. This is disgraceful. On top of the disgrace of fanning the flames of racial hatred for political advantage.

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