The New York Times doesn’t understand what a conspiracy theory is

Even as Biden blatantly violates American law and sovereignty by erasing our southern border, remember that the Hispanic culture meshes with conservative values. Hispanics are pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-gun; believe there are two sexes; and, until leftist activists get hold of them, have a solid worth ethic. Unsurprisingly, then, Hispanic men are drawn to conservativism. To the New York Times, this is as baffling as believing in the “conspiracy theory” of violent Black Lives Matter protests.

On Saturday, the New York Times took up “A Vexing Question for Democrats: What Drives Latino Men to Republicans?” The subheading to that caption provides an admirable summary of exactly what it is that makes Hispanic men support conservative values:

Several voters said values like individual responsibility and providing for one’s family, and a desire for lower taxes and financial stability, led them to reject a party embraced by their parents.

In other words, they like conservative values for the same reason people of other races and creeds like them: They’re universal values that create strong, stable families and, in turn, strong, stable nations. Take, for example, Erik Ortiz, 41, a hip-hop music producer who now lives in free and open Florida, but who grew up in the South Bronx:

“Everybody was a liberal Democrat — in my neighborhood, in the Bronx, in the local government,” said Mr. Ortiz, whose family is Black and from Puerto Rico. “The welfare state was bad for our people — the state became the father in the Black and brown household and that was a bad, bad mistake.” Mr. Ortiz became a Republican, drawn to messages of individual responsibility and lower taxes. To him, generations of poor people have stayed loyal to a Democratic Party that has failed to transform their lives.

“Why would I want to be stuck in that mentality?” he said.

Jennifer Medina, who wrote the article, is worried about the fact that, while most Hispanics still hewed Democrat in 2020, “the results also showed Republicans making inroads with this demographic, the largest nonwhite voting group – and particularly among Latino men.” This kind of thing is enough to make the Democrats think twice about that illegally open border.

Although written as a warning for Democrats, the following paragraph is a reminder to Republicans that there are wonderful people out there who need to be shepherded into the traditional, liberty-loving conservative fold:

Winning over Latino men is in some ways a decades-old challenge for Democrats — a nagging reminder that the party has never had a forceful grip on this demographic. Still, some strategists on the left are increasingly alarmed that the party is not doing enough to reach men whose top priorities are based on economics, rather than racial justice or equality. And they warn that Hispanic men are likely to provide crucial swing votes in future races for control of Congress in the midterm elections, as well as who governs from the White House.

In addition to offering interesting interviews with several conservative Hispanic men, the article also gives an insight into leftist thinking, revealing how delusional American leftists have become:

Some of the frustrations voiced by Hispanic Republican men are stoked by misinformation, including conspiracy theories claiming that the “deep state” took over during the Trump administration and a belief that Black Lives Matter protests caused widespread violence.

Ah, conspiracy theories about a “deep state” and Black Lives Matter violence! But just how “conspiratorial” are those theories?

For four years, bureaucrats have either boasted about thwarting Trump or cheating on the ordinary rules, or they’ve been shown to have done so through investigations and forced document production. So, facts show that a cabal of people inside the government (a “deep state”) tried to destroy the duly elected president of the United States.

And is it really a mere conspiracy theory that “Black Lives Matter protests caused widespread violence”? In September, Fox News reported that “[t]he damage from riots and looting across the U.S. following the death of George Floyd is estimated to be the costliest in insurance history – between $1 billion and $2 billion.” Considering that Black Lives Matter was the leading edge of the protests, riots, and looting last year, that sounds like real violence happened, not just a “conspiracy theory.” An Axios chart shows that last summer’s violence far exceeded prior civil unrest in American cities.

In St.Paul/Minneapolis alone, the estimated damages from riots and looting sparked by Black Lives Matter activism checked in at $500 million – with much of it tied to damage done in minority communities. In Kenosha, a small city, the riot damage was estimated at $50 million. And of course, that’s just property damage. There’s no value to be put on the over two dozen people who were murdered in the riots.

The real conspiracy theory here is the New York Times’ continuing pretense that it is an honest news purveyor rather than a radical leftist propaganda outlet.

IMAGE: Fires in Kenosha. YouTube screengrab.

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