The military officer class is as bad as its social media representatives

A former military officer friend likes to tell the story of attending a conference during the Jimmy Carter years.  At the conference, one of the generals made a negative remark about Jimmy Carter.  That general was cashiered by the end of the evening.  That was appropriate behavior for a studiously nonpartisan, constitutional military that represented and defended all Americans equally.  The military's current war against Tucker Carlson for insulting it points to the end of that era.

To recap, last week, for International Women's Day, Joe Biden boasted that the military is engaged in the important work of designing flight suits for pregnant pilots.  Tucker Carlson pointed out that the American military has a problem if this kind of thing is a priority.  Even as our military is obsessed with women, both real and fake, the Chinese military is aggressively becoming more masculine in orientation.  In a war between masculine China and feminine America, no sane person would bet on America.

In response to Carlson's comments, the military engaged in a personal vendetta against him:

Last week, for the United States military, China was not the enemy.  Radical Islam was not the enemy.  Drugs pouring into America were not the enemy.  Rather, a news and opinion personality was the target of the military's wrath.  Nor was this animus limited to snarky tweets from the teenage girls apparently staffing the military's, and especially the Marines', social media offices.

Instead, Master Gunnery Sgt. Scott Stalker, who is the command senior enlisted leader of the U.S. space command, directly attacked Tucker Carlson, by name, for daring to offend women in the armed forces.

A major general chimed in:

So did a general, a senior major of the Army, and a Pentagon spokesman — all of them attacking Tucker Carlson for hurting women's feelings:

Could these men be more woke — or condescending in their defense of helpless military women?  It also didn't seem to occur to any of them that if women in the armed forces cannot take some chaff from Tucker Carlson, they have no business being in the military.  What are they going to do when the enemy attacks?  Cry?

By Sunday, people were beginning to realize that the commanding officer in charge of the social media accounts should have stepped in and disciplined these people — just as that long-ago general was severely disciplined for insulting the civilian commander in chief of the United States military.  Mollie Hemingway, however, stated what others had already figured out: the commanding officer is on board with turning a media figure — a conservative media figure — into the military's number-one enemy:

Americans need to understand that this is not their dads' military.  It's not even the pre-2008 military.  Barack Obama purged from the Pentagon anyone who was not with the new Democrat party.  This Pentagon trend worsened under Trump, as people in the modern military resented the fact that he was not starting new wars and was drawing down troops.  Trump's peaceful ways may have saved lives and money, but they lessened opportunities for advancement within the military and shut down post-retirement sinecures in the defense industry.

With Biden's ascension to the White House, the military has become an openly partisan, pro-Democrat, possibly anti-American institution dedicated entirely to turning itself into a social justice avatar for American society while maintaining endless small wars across the globe for the benefit of military officers.  George Washington weeps.

And to the military men and women who read this and disagree, don't attack me.  Prove I'm wrong by becoming more of a fighting machine and less of a mewling college campus.

Image: WWII WAC recruitment poster. Library of Congress.  Public Domain.