Strange bedfellows cause DC nightmare

My nightmare starts, I think, in 2019, at a dinner party in D.C., where prominent members of the Swamp have gathered to socialize and scheme including Obama, the Clintons, McConnell and other Never Trumpers, Pelosi, and Schumer. The mood is festive as the featured guests lob verbal grenades at President Trump. Laughter erupts as the insulters land their blows against the Orange Man. The insulting takes on a competitive nature as the insulters try to kill President Trump with their words.

Obama rises and the room quiets down. Obama then laments that all their efforts to derail Trump have failed. He admits the economy is doing well and he expresses doubt that Trump can be defeated in 2020. As Obama is still standing, he notices a raised hand from a member of China’s Diplomatic delegation. Obama invites the diplomat to speak.

In near-perfect English, the diplomat sympathizes with the anti-Trump atmosphere in the room. He reminds the attendees of Trump’s actions to take away China’s trading advantages. He reminds the crowd of how Trump is strengthening the U.S. military and challenging Chinese expansionism. “We want him gone as much as you do,” says the diplomat. The diplomat then suggests that he knows of a way to defeat Trump, but claims it will take a coalition of parties to bring down the Orange Man.

Obama invites the diplomat to elaborate on his scheme. The diplomat declines to lay out the scheme in such a large gathering but offers to discuss it in a smaller meeting of leaders. Obama accepts the offer and raises his glass to the diplomat inviting the attendees to drink to the diplomat and his scheme.

In the next part of my nightmare, it is the summer of 2020. Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Kenosha are burning. Americans are locked in their homes because of a mysterious flu from China. Antifa terrorists are besieging cities but the mainstream media call it mostly peaceful protesting. While Biden is hiding in his basement, mayors of the burning cities refuse Trump’s offers to restore order.

Several months have passed as my dream continues. The FBI, the DOJ, and the Supreme Court all refuse to examine claims that the 2020 election was rigged against Trump. Biden is declared the President-elect. Anyone questioning the election outcome is called seditious.

As my dream ends, Biden is now President. In cocktail parties across Washington, the Swamp and China are celebrating their new leader and enabler.

When I share this dream with friends, they try to comfort me saying, “It was just a dream.” I am living in a nightmare.

IMAGE: Nightmare collage by Andrea Widburg

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