So where are the nightly network news pictures of all the 'kids in cages'?

The media posted fake news stories with "kids in cages" pictures dating from the Obama/Biden years in their four-year collusion with Democrats to destroy President Trump.  So where are the nightly televised pictures today of kids sleeping on cement floors in crowded facilities?

Somehow, we do not see them.  But something is going on. 

Here is what the conservative Blaze reported, citing the New York Times:

Border crisis: Migrant children being separated from families, housed in facilities 'akin to jails'

According to the New York Times, thousands of migrant children have been placed in detention facilities that are comparable to jails, and many are being held there for more time that permitted by law.

From the Times:

The number of unaccompanied migrant children detained along the southern border has tripled in the last two weeks to more than 3,250, filling facilities akin to jails as the Biden administration struggles to find room for them in shelters, according to documents obtained by The New York Times. More than 1,360 of the children have been detained beyond the 72 hours permitted by law before a child must be transferred to a shelter, according to one of the documents, dated March 8. ...

Under the law, the federal government is required to move unaccompanied children within three days from the border facilities to shelters managed by the Department of Health and Human Services, where they are held until they are placed with a sponsor. Homeland Security officials have often pointed to delays by Health and Human Services in picking up the children as a reason for the prolonged detention.

Where are our supposedly humanitarian politicians?  Where's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who went down for a photo-op wearing white, in order to weep in front of an empty parking lot, and compare illegal alien detentions during the Trump administration to Nazi concentration camps?

Where are the Hollywood crowd who have always protested Trump's actions?  I must assume none of them really cared, and it was always a political attack, or else they would be actively protesting.

The Biden administration also clearly doesn't care about how contagious the coronavirus, which migrants are bringing in with them, is.  They are not quarantining the migrant kids who are sick or the kids who have had contact with other sick people.  Nope, they are crowding them into jail-like facilities and then sending them around the U.S. to expose others.  It is not very different from New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo and four other blue-state governors forcing nursing homes to take in sick people to infect and kill the vulnerable.

There is nothing humane, empathic, or compassionate about enticing children to come alone or escorted in by human-smugglers, drug-smugglers, or cartels for a price because they have been enticed by the Biden administration and other Democrats.

This border invasion is intentional.  When you send the message that there will be no deportations, no border wall, laws that will not be enforced, and dangle promises of mass amnesty, along with free health care and other benefits as soon as you get here, the crowds will come.

Biden clearly has no respect for his oath to enforce the nation's laws.  He believes he can pick and choose whatever laws to enforce, and the sheep in the media and other Democrats will support his lawless acts.

I do not see how anyone can look at Biden's short public appearances in his first fifty days and believe that his mental facilities are intact and that he is in charge.  It does not appear that he cares or understands what he is signing.  Our foreign adversaries are very aware of his limitations.

We are told that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) bases all of its decisions on science, and its decision-makers are not political.  That is pure BS.

Last week, when Texas and Mississippi announced they were reopening and lifting the mask requirement, the CDC, as well as the vaunted Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIH, ripped them despite knowing that the scientific data show that states without the statewide mask mandate and with looser restrictions are doing as well as or better than states with strict mandates.

When cases, hospitalizations, and deaths were increasing, we got the nightly stories.  Now that they have declined rapidly, most stories have disappeared because the public must remain scared and submissive to the tyrannical rules.  Here's a good piece from The Spectator USA showing how fraudulent it all is:

'Follow the Science' With Dr. Fauci

His guidance seems more driven by politics than public health.

According to Fauci, it is now safe for schools to reopen. All it took was the passing of President Biden's "COVID relief bill," which will likely be signed into law this week. "As we now have the relief bill signed at $1.9 trillion — a lot of that is going into addressing COVID-19 including help to the schools to allow them to more safely bring the kids back," Fauci said on Monday. Considering that the Congressional Budget Office estimated that 95 percent of the money appropriated from the bill to fund schools will not be spent this year, there was no reason for Fauci to present its passing as a prerequisite for reopening schools — unless of course we fool ourselves into believing that he is motivated by science, and not by whatever the Biden administration tells him to say.

It appears that CDC is willing to support whatever the Biden administration wants until it gets the $1.9-trillion slush fund distributed. The $350 billion kickbacks to states which have intentionally destroyed their economies is very important. The kickbacks to schools, which will not be spent for years, is also very important but it is sure not science- or fact-based and sure has nothing to do with the virus.

There is nothing fact- or science-based when the CDC allows child detention facilities with sick people at the border to operate at 100% capacity while telling schools, businesses, and families that they must operate at limited capacity and social distance.

There is nothing scientific or fact-based when they tell Americans, including those fully vaccinated, not to travel while they never say a word about the Biden administration sending sick kids around the country.

Fauci and the CDC know that schools around the world have been open safely for a long time, yet they go along with the talking points that keep so many schools closed and keep the intentional destruction of the children, especially poor and minority children, continuing.

Fauci and others at the CDC never ripped politicians like New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other governors for their policies to kill vulnerable people at nursing homes.  Cuomo had some of the worst results in the country, and Joe Biden called that the gold standard.  There is nothing fact- or science-based about the way the media, other Democrats, and Fauci talked about Cuomo.  Yet they were always willing to criticize Trump. 

Isn't it appalling that anyone would cheer on the virus that killed and infected so many, that destroyed businesses and families, and harmed children immeasurably because it allowed their corrupt, incompetent candidate to hide in the basement?

The Democrats had colluded with the media to destroy Trump for four years with fake stories and endless investigations on Russian collusion, with lies about what Trump said in Charlottesville and with sham impeachment efforts, and nothing had taken Trump out.  They also knew that their radical leftist policies were unpopular, so they couldn't run on those.

But they hit the lotto when China sent a virus that they could use as an excuse to destroy the economy and to scare people into voting by mail.

They also didn't care that Cuomo and others sent people to their deaths, which they blamed on Trump.

Another big hit for the Democrats was when radical leftists destroyed cities and businesses while killing and injuring several people.  The damage was helpful in an election year.

The media were a major participant throughout the four years, and after the Russian collusion lies had played out, they needed something else to destroy Trump on while they hid the candidate they were campaigning for from public scrutiny.

Biden Aide: Coronavirus Pandemic 'Best Thing That Ever Happened' for Democrats

A top aide to President Joe Biden described the coronavirus as "the best thing that ever happened to him," according to a recently released book.

We need to pray for our great country, as the Democrats are intentionally trying to destroy our capitalist economy as fast as they can while desecrating the Constitution, especially the First Amendment.  They are also trying to demolish the 2nd and 10th Amendments.  Laws and the Constitution are not important — only power for leftists.

Why are so many immigrants seeking to get into our systemically racist country?

Wouldn't it be oppressive and racist to require proof of a vaccination to travel since so many minorities are scared of vaccinations?

So many questions unanswered in the press...

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