Race-obsessed Loudon County schoolteacher schooled by mellow teen

There are so many true and rotten things one can say about progressive values, but I think most will agree that one of the worst things progressives do is attack boys.  There's a reason for this: if raised right, boys are hardwired for courage.  We see this in a wonderful way in a video someone posted showing an unknown teen in Loudon County, Virginia (which is famous for canning Dr. Seuss and trying to dox "white supremacist" parents) politely refusing to go along with his white teacher's insistent racism.

The short video brings together a lot of newsworthy trends.  The first one is that Loudoun County Public School District, which is located in the wealthiest county in America, just north of Washington, D.C., is populated with the worst kind of public school teachers: leftist activists.

While leftists have been attacking Dr. Seuss for years because of both real and imagined racism, it was the Loudon County Public School District that catapulted the issue to the national level when it announced that Seuss was henceforth to be banned from Read Across America Day, a day that, upon its inception, was deliberately set to take place annually...on Dr. Seuss's birthday.

That was bad.  Worse was to come.  Three weeks after the Seuss kerfuffle, it emerged that a group of current and former Loudon County teachers had formed a Facebook group in which they plotted to attack parents within the school district who were not on board with the district's wholesale adoption of Critical Race Theory, including its rabid white race–hatred.  And "not on board" did not mean opposing CRT.  It also meant failing to be sufficiently enthusiastic about that pernicious racist ideology.

Another thing the short video highlights is the left's relentless war on boys.  Schools seek to feminize students.  They punish boy energy; bore them to death with books about feelings; and, in Australia, have even gone so far as to demand that boys apologize merely for being boys.

Thankfully, parents are beginning to push back, although they're frightened.  When my son started college, I went to the orientation regarding sexual harassment issues because I wanted to ensure that my son would get due process.  I ended up derailing the presentation because, once I (politely but insistently) opened that door, every parent of a boy lined up behind me.  Afterward, they all thanked me for focusing on boys' rights.  The school's presenters, ready to assure us that boys would be presumed guilty, ended up promising that due process would be a priority.

But back to race and boys.  One of the reasons leftists hate boys is because of boys' best qualities, especially their raw courage.  Teenage boys can be total jerks because they don't know when to stop.  They just keep pushing and pushing, without any sense of self-preservation.  You can punish this trait, or you can channel it for good things.

One mellow, respectful, but insanely courageous male student at a Loudon County public school in Ashburn refused to let his white, middle-aged, leftist teacher force racism on him.  The subject was a photo of two smiling young women.  The young man described their aspect — "chilling" — only to have the teacher relentlessly demand that the boy define them by their race.

In words that should be engraved on every classroom wall, the boy refused: "Well, at the end of the day, wouldn't that just be feeding into the problem of looking at race instead of just acknowledging them as two normal people?"

The race-obsessed teacher denied this commonsense, all-American attitude.  "No," he said.  "It's not.  Because you can't not look at, you can't look at the people and not acknowledge that there are racial differences."

The teacher is wrong.  One can note racial differences in passing, just as one notices freckles, hairstyles, and eye color without doing what the teacher really wanted, which was to ascribe political meaning to race.  Or worse, to read a hierarchy of victim and victimizer into it.

I wish I could shake the hands of that young man's parents.  They did a splendid job raising their son.  Most students won't have that moral courage and will be browbeaten into accepting the teacher's racist premises.

The school district, incidentally, denies that Critical Race Theory is a standard part of its lesson plan.  I believe that.  If even half of the faculty members are as racially fanatic as that teacher, the district doesn't need to formalize CRT.  It's oozing out of the teachers' pores and will inevitably poison the classrooms in which they teach.

Image: Student schools teacher.  YouTube screen grab.

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