President Joe Fraud attacks Georgia for passing election integrity law

Joe Biden, who was elected on a raft of election irregularities, is unusually upset about Georgia's legislative effort to clean up its voting system.

According to Politico:

President Joe Biden slammed Georgia's new voting restrictions, calling them 21st-century "Jim Crow" and urging Congress to pass election reform bills.

"This law, like so many others being pursued by Republicans in statehouses across the country is a blatant attack on the Constitution and good conscience," Biden said in a statement Friday afternoon. "This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century. It must end. We have a moral and Constitutional obligation to act."

In the statement, Biden called on Congress to pass H.R. 1, or the "For the People Act," which would reform ballot access and campaign finance. It would require states to offer same-day voting registration as well as two weeks of early voting, among other things. The House passed the bill earlier this month but it faces an uphill battle in the Senate amid heavy Republican criticism of the bill. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has said the bill is about "rigging the system."

Biden also urged Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would bring back Voting Rights Act protections that the Supreme Court took down.

Later on Friday afternoon, Biden told reporters that the new law is an "atrocity."

So what is it specifically that's got him lathered up?

Georgia's broad new elections law will add an ID requirement for voters requesting an absentee ballot, cut the length of runoffs, and effectively turn the election board over to the legislature. It also limits drop boxes and prohibits people from giving voters in line food or beverages. Voters in Georgia's primaries faced several-hour lines at times, particularly near and in Atlanta, a heavily Democratic area in the closely divided state.

He doesn't like voter ID.  He doesn't like Election Day; he wants election season extended and extended to give Democrats time to get the result they want.  He wants those cronies on the election board calling the shots, not the constitutionally tasked Legislature.  He wants unsupervised drop boxes left around for anything to happen overnight.  Kind of like those Atlanta midnight suitcases.

Right now, he's distorting and spinning, though, going for the lo-fo vote, claiming that the cruel Georgia Legislature won't permit water to thirsty voters waiting in line in the hot sun.

The Legislature had good reasons to do this — it's a bid to prevent illegal campaigning in line.  After all, free water is an emolument, a cheap one for sure.  But as is commonly known in Latin America, at least, some voters can be bought with a bag of beans.  Hugo Chávez used to hand out washing machines.  The Democrats would like to get the camel's nose under the tent, starting with bottled water.  Many Democrats, after all, have learned their tactics at Hugo's knee.  Hugo was never a warning; he was a how-to guide.  Certainly these Democrats have.

The law doesn't say anything about supposedly impartial election-organizers handing out water, or putting it in a bin for those who need it.  That might be something voters can ask for.  But to have Democrats handing out bottles of water with their Biden stickers on is pure third-world politics.  Joe, as usual, is doing what he does best in this situation, which is distort and lie.

Georgia's move toward election integrity is not Joe's job, but he can't stop ranting.  He brings up the state legislative matter, which is none of his business, again and again and again, horning in on someone else's job.  Apparently, he's gotten comfortable with rule by executive action now, and he thinks he should rule each state, just as the Soviet Politburo once did.  He's yelling "Jim Crow" in a bid to yell racism.  He's effectively saying black voters never have any ID.  He's screaming "atrocity."  He's yelling "un-American" even though the republic has gotten by without these newly created holes such as same-day registration from the dawn of the republic.  What he wants are the newer mass junk mail ballots, the lost-chain-of-custody systems, and the monstrous ballot-harvesting from voters' doors, all of which are illegal in any country that does have election integrity.

He's got the hyperbole going, and instead of his typical lost and sleepy torpor, he actually sounds furious.

He would be. 

Because a guy who's been elected himself on a slew of election irregularities — starting with those suitcases in Atlanta, or that a phony water pipe break, or that suddenly sharply flipping tally that came in the dead of night, after all those election observers were suddenly sent home only for the counting to restart — isn't exactly a guy who'd like to have the anomaly of his election exposed by a new election from an airtight high-integrity voting system.  There might be a voter reaction, and, for him, that can't get out.

What's more, the yelling from far-left Sen. Raphael Warnock has an equally funny ring.  He's being investigated for voter registration fraud, brought on by these monstrous holes in the system that the Legislature is trying to correct.  He knows he can't get re-elected unless the holes remain.  For a probable election cheat to yell about voter integrity is probably something he should stay away from. 

Ensuring ballot integrity is exactly what making every vote count is about.  Opening the door to cheating cancels out great numbers of valid ballots.  It also invites the other side to play by the same tactics, making elections free-for-alls, all about who is most skilled at cheating, not what voters want.  Elections are what the state legislators in Georgia are responsible for, and somehow, Joe doesn't want them to do what they were elected to do in their state.

Going through with an airtight system in Georgia might make a difference in voter confidence, though, and fairly reflect actual voter wishes.

From Joe's perspective, these moves to ensure ballot integrity are a threat, and he's revealing it.  These measures might make his election as president comparison.  That's a problem for him.  That's the root of his desperate bid to obstruct a fair vote.  He's yelling voter exclusion, but what he wants is exclusion of his opponents, and the disenfranchisement of Republicans, canceling out their votes by fraud, one by one by one.

Never mind the will of the voters, or the need to restore the voter perception of fairness, which has taken a battering.  Were these legislators elected fairly?  Absolutely.  Is this their constitutionally mandated duty to organize elections?  100% true.  And as representatives of the people of Georgia, they ought to be making the rules, and cleaning up the open invitations in the system for fraud.  But Biden can't help himself from interfering.  He wants those skeezy Georgia election results, which by all indicators were brimming with fraud, to become the usual result now, so no one thinks his own election was amiss.

That explains why Biden's on the war path to stop this matter of none of his business.  He will marshal extremists in his administration such as his Antifa-apologist attorney general to take this legislative move on.  He wants elections like his to be the norm, but if he were smart, he would sit this one out.  In Georgia, this Legislature will resist Joe's yelling and interference, with all it has and force Democrats to get elected on their socialist arguments, not their sleazy tactics.  To defend themselves, they can bring those irregularities leading to Joe's election up, again and again and again, so there's never any doubt.  For Joe, that could be embarrassing.

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