Pelosi says it's never too late to set November's election straight

It's hard to quit when you're ahead.

That's why, in trying to pick off the House seat of Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa), Democrats effectively re-opened the whole November election.  If Republicans act on this, they will turn defeats into victories.

Many close races need to be repeated because, in as many as 30 states, elections were not conducted by the rules but, instead, were done in ways that favored the Democrats.  Widespread use of absentee ballots and drop boxes never had the required approval of state legislators.  This includes the key swing states, where Republican majorities in the state legislatures still have the power to hold repeat elections.

People think it's too late after the vote is certified.  We can thank Pelosi and her House Administration Committee for telling the world it's never too late — although it is none too soon, either.

The House Committee gave the two Iowa contenders until March 29th to specify "any ballots that were not validly cast."  With mass mailing of ballots plus drop boxes, there is no way to tell whether votes were illegally harvested.  The only solution is a legally valid repeat election, secured against fraud.

In Iowa, as in all but eight states, the law never provided for drop boxes.  ("Iowa law says that absentee ballots should be returned to the county elections commissioner's office by voters or their designees and is silent on the use of drop boxes to collect them.")  Indeed, "Only eight states ... have explicit language about ballot drop boxes written into their laws."  Nevertheless, mail-in ballots were sent to all of Iowa's two million registered voters.

The House should not even try to decide any election.  The Constitution gives power over elections primarily to state legislators.  Republicans in Congress and the Iowa Legislature ought to pre-empt the Committee now by calling for an election rerun, to let the people decide.

Pelosi's play for the Iowa seat is from the same script as January 6, when the Dems acted as defendants, judge, and jury to vote down objections to Electoral College counts.  No impartial tribunal, no due process, and therefore unconstitutional.  There are also good reasons why it is not too late after the Capitol riot [1].

Even bigger than the changes in voting laws was Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's illegal tactics to buy the 2020 election.  He targeted $400 million on a gerrymandering vote-getting project in left-leaning cities in swing states — as much as the CARES Act budget on election support for the whole country.  Yet Republicans can still overturn that.  They have a majority in the state legislatures in all four of these big swing states, so they can rerun these contests with law-abiding elections.

Bigger still is the uncounted value of free publicity from Facebook, Twitter, and other media for Biden and against Trump, amounting to untold billions.  According to the Loomer lawsuit, failure to declare such support as in-kind contributions is in violation of campaign financing laws.

Our democracy has been taken over by Democrats in name only colluding with billionaires who control our media [2].  These DINOs are even trying to expel a democratically elected member of Congress, Marjorie Greene.  They are well on the way to a one-party dictatorship.

If ever we needed a rerun for a fair and legal election, now is the time!


[1] Trump is being blamed for causing the Capitol riot with "baseless claims" of a stolen election.  As we have seen, the election was indeed bought and stolen.  Time magazine even bragged about how it was rigged. 

  • It is easy for provocateurs to incite a crowd.  "Insurgent" John Sullivan was being paid to organize and film BLM riots.  He tweeted that a BLM bus was coming to "Kick out the Fascists from DC" on Jan. 6, where he filmed himself breaking windows and urging others to burn it down.
  • The riot could have been prevented by Trump's order to call up 10,000 National Guardsmen for security, but Pelosi and Democrat D.C. officials blocked it.
  • Instead, their city police let protesters into the Capitol.
  • Leftist politicians had praised BLM rioters for months, encouraging a precedent of violent protest.
  • A couple of links on agitator John Sullivan: here and here.
  • The riot helped the left to stampede Congress so it would confirm Biden and impeach Trump.
  • Large, peaceful protest marches on Washington are a tradition.  No Trump rally before this was ever violent.

[2] Here are some examples of Democrats colluding with billionaires who control the media:

John Lockwood is a pseudonym for a man who loves to research new angles on important issues.  He has started the website, calling for a rerun of the November election, especially in the swing states.

Image: Photo of Nancy Pelosi.  YouTube screen grab, slightly sharpened to diminish blurring in YouTube footage.

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