Normalizing 'The Squad'

Do you remember three years back, when newly elected AOC and Ilhan Omar were silly-seeming novelty representatives?  We thought the American people wouldn't put up with their supercilious attitude and nonsensical ideas for long.  I remember thinking that, even in the liberal bastion of New York, AOC's naïve depravity wouldn't play well, especially after she chased away Amazon and all the jobs it would have brought.  I remember thinking Omar was caught, hoist with her own petard when it came out that she'd married her brother.  Then, later, when it became obvious that she was funneling campaign funds to her lover, I thought surely that would be her demise.

I remember being surprised by Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib.  They somehow slipped under my radar, compared to their initially more vocal fellow reps.  Then I heard Pressley speak, with vehement disdain and clear abhorrence, about the American people.  I realized that these people hate America and all she stands for.  The final two Squad members, who occupy a sort of second tier, are Cori Bush and Jamaal Bowman, who only recently entered my consciousness since they were elected in 2020.

Together, these six seem to have formed the backbone of the new Biden administration, philosophically aligning for convenience with the Bernie Bros.  That alliance will not last because the Bros are actually less radical.

All six of these congresspeople have "safe" Democrat seats.  They wrote, and advocate for, the Green New Deal.  Remember when we all thought that was a raft of absurd pie-in-the-sky illogical nonsense that would never catch on?  How shooting us back to the dark ages by destroying the energy sector wouldn't fly?  That was then.

Now my once relatively easy-going bedroom community has embraced trendy climate-masochistic Reach codes that mandate many green new deal policies.  We can no longer install a gas line in new construction.  We must add solar when we remodel.  We have a list of "upgrades" we get to choose from if we do a bigger remodel.

There is a move afoot to inure those of us with a brain and common sense to ideas and policies we previously considered inconceivable.  I once took a part in a theater of the absurd play.  It was a very important part, not that it was hard — except for that bit about staying still in an uncomfortable position part.  You see, I was a chair.  Then, I think I transformed into something or other else, at least briefly.  I was young and naïve enough to embrace that which I didn't understand, without thinking about it much — as do the youth of our country, with a few laudable exceptions.  The young appear not to think beyond their next stimulus check or the dangling carrot of student loan forgiveness.  Easily bribable, with no thought to what is coming.

Otherwise, how could any community embrace a movement that touts socialism, Marxism, BLM, and its anti-nuclear family stance and pro-violence actions?  How can people be pro–emptying the prisons and making no bail the standard, along with ending policing as we know it?  How many murders and rapes and home invasions will these policies cause?

How can our youths want to see ICE dismantled, then open our borders so anyone from anywhere can just walk in?  We who earn are paying our taxes just to give all those immigrants hotel rooms, medical care, and welfare.

It's all income redistribution, which, if you don't have an income, is just fine and dandy.  If you don't have a job, ending the fossil fuels that allow you to commute to the job without breaking the bank doesn't matter.  There will be publicly funded health care someone else will pay for, and "the rich" will be taxed out of existence.  Sound palatable?  Do you know what the endgame is?

Now that Joe Manchin is most likely brought to heel since his wife got to catch the gold ring when Biden gave her a new job as federal co-chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Dems will likely be able to pass anything they please in the Senate.  The Squad, its racism, its anti-Israel policies, its earth-shattering tone-deaf environmental naïveté, and its public stance against whites, will foment racial violence.

Conservative voices, already silenced by the technocrats, will be further stifled by law.  Speech will be regulated; guns confiscated; and, absent a wake-up call that leads to a massive shift, this country will simply cease, replaced by an autocracy of the woke.  Just to ice the cake, the government printing money with nothing behind it will cause massive inflation.

Reports of UFOs buzzing military installations aside, I don't know what wake-up call will stop this.  I just hope it comes soon enough to do some good.

Image: The Squad.  YouTube screen grab.

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