Movies that haven't been canceled yet but need to be

Aladdin — For stereotyping Arab people as pushy merchants.

The Jungle Book — For implying that India does not provide sufficient foster care.

Snow White — For glorifying whiteness.

Cinderella — For stereotypical depictions of a blended family.

Sleeping Beauty – For glorifying women's dependence on men.

Pinocchio — For negative depictions of wooden kids as liars.

Wizard of Oz — For stereotyping people of Kansas as being cruel to animals.

Ice Age — For undermining the reality of global warming.

White Men Can't Jump — For stereotyping African-Americans as being good at basketball.

The Ten Commandments — For stereotyping Egyptian people as slaveholders.

Pretty Woman — For stereotyping Rodeo Drive shop-owners as snobs.

Coming to America — For negative depictions of people of Zamunda.

Men in Black — For spreading conspiracy theories.

My Cousin Vinny — For stereotyping Italians as bad lawyers and implying that people of Alabama sleep with their sisters.

Mamma Mia! — For using the word Mamma.

Tootsie — For cultural appropriation of transgendered people.

Mrs. Doubtfire — Because more cultural appropriation of transgendered people.

Some Like it Hot — I hope you get the point about transgendered people.

Birdcage — For negative depictions of gay people employing illegal aliens from Guatemala.

When Harry met Sally — For glorifying heterosexuality.

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