Mitch McConnell is really pushing our credulity

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), the minority leader, cannot be as stupid as his words make him sound, but the alternative is worse than mere rank stupidity.

On the Senate floor, he said:  

Does anyone really believe the American people were voting for an entirely new system of government by electing Joe Biden to the White House and a 50/50 Senate? ... There was no mandate to completely transform America by the American people on November 3rd. ... Does anyone believe that millions of Americans thought that's what they were electing?

The real question is, did Senator McConnell, and his fellow Republican senators, fail to foresee the dire consequences of a Biden administration?  They were warned, not only by a multitude of obscure people such as my insignificant self, but by every patriot, minor and major, who could read the writing on the wall.  McConnell knew full well that the election was being stolen, and stolen by enemies of the Republic who would, as McConnell belatedly laments, establish "an entirely new system of government," which would "completely transform America."  

If McConnell was not being stupid, then he is far worse than that, someone who did in fact know the sinister aims of the nascent tyrants who, having achieved an illegal coup, are now entrenching themselves in a system they intend to make permanent and irremovable.  To symbolize that fact, they have now physically built an iron curtain around the Capitol and installed an armed military guard reminiscent of the East German border sentries who murdered countless people seeking freedom.  

In all fairness, it is not only McConnell who is to blame, but also Vice President Mike Pence, along with seven members of the Supreme Court who flatly refused to even hear the facts — facts that prove electoral fraud.  

No, there was no ignorance here.  One does not watch flames engulfing a nursing home, while standing idly by, holding the fire hoses, and then cry out at the tragedy of it all.  We hired these officials to serve as guards of our Republic.  Whether through cowardice, greed, or treasonous intent, they abandoned us in our moment of need.  What is the saying?  You had one job, one job...  

McConnell's words are vacuous, perhaps intentionally deceitful.  Unwilling to perform his duty when it was far more achievable than it ever will be again, we must not credit him now with any semblance of a sense of duty.  His words are aimed at potential donors to his political campaign organization, not at us.  

Does anyone really believe that McConnell has any courage?   

All that remains between us and tyranny are the state governments, whose duty has now become difficult, and indeed dangerous.  Those state governments must be made to remember that the states are not the creation of the federal government, but the other way around.  They are not vassals and fiefs, obedient to a distant king ruling by executive edict.  They have loaned power to the central government, not given it, and it is their absolute right to take it back at any moment and for any reason.  

Under the present circumstances, one does not, on bended knee, ask for imperial permission to exercise our God-given constitutional rights.  

That Constitution has been made of no effect by the dark state.  It no longer protects our rights, but oppresses "we the people."  It must not be construed as a suicide pact.  

What is needed now is for millions of patriots to demand a government established "deriving [its] just Powers from the Consent of the Governed."  This cannot be the work of a committed few, but that of a tidal wave of determined, courageous Americans.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.