Migrant border crisis about to get worse

Already Joe Biden has botched it at the border.

After issuing a series of executive orders designed to dismantle President Trump's border stabilization, tens of thousands of migrants are pouring in, and thousands of kids are in cages. The Bidenites are claiming it's no crisis, just seasonal movements. The migrants wearing Biden t-shirts know different. The coyotes enticing illegal migration in exchange for millions in smuggling 'fees' know different. And the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador knows different too, stating that Biden is the one who caused the border crisis. Facts are facts, and the interested parties know.

That's why the Biden administration is trying to muzzle the press, block photos, and keep inconvenient congressional members away. They know, too. They can read the polls.

But incredibly, it's going to get worse. According to this alarming report from Rick Moran now at PJMedia (Hat tip: Instapundit), more migrants are on their way, and the forecast is for bigger numbers.

According to the administration’s own estimates, the number of unaccompanied minors who are apprehended at the border will rise sharply in April compared to March.

Wall Street Journal:

As of Thursday, the Biden administration reported more than 18,000 immigrant children in its custody, with roughly 12,500 of them in government child shelters. About another 5,500 are being held in temporary Border Patrol holding facilities waiting to be transferred to shelters.

A senior Border Patrol official told reporters Friday morning that the number of children has continued to rise in recent days and that children were routinely being held in the agency’s stations and tent facilities for an average of about 90 hours but that some had been there for as long as 100 hours. The longest they are allowed to stay by law is 72 hours. The official said children were staying in Border Patrol facilities longer than allowed because the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement doesn’t have enough space to house them all.

Each kid requires housing, medical care, entertainment, transport, and food, and a lot of time from someone to make phone calls. After the phone calls are made about where to take the kids, apparently no one is being vetted. Some kid being delivered to a 'parent' might easily be delivered at taxpayer expense to sweatshop traffickers or sex traffickers, a grotesque form of modern-day slavery. Apparently, there is no time for background checks, so off they go. And more than hundred are known to have been infected with COVID. These days, they don't even ask and they sure don't test. Most aren't even getting asylum court dates, they're just in an out, until the lawmen can make their arrangements. The dangers of this practice to the kids and the public is obvious.

And now it's getting worse. Biden is attempting to spin the whole crisis as a non-crisis on the border. The New York Post correctly calls that and other claims -- "ba;d-faced lies."

Biden is trying to make you think he's got it under control. He's diverting the subject to other topics. He's blaming President Trump. The grim reality, though, remains: It's going to get worse. And he's not making it better, he's making it worse even as he offers ever more implausible explanations. His solutions are not working. His narrative is defective. He's going to keep lying. And for the public that has to endure this, it's going to start wearing thin.

Image: Rep. Henry Cuellar, CBS News, via YouTube screen shot


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