Meghan and the queen

Meghan Markle says an unnamed someone among the British royals is a racist.  Fairly or unfairly, suspicion falls most heavily on Queen Elizabeth herself.

To my knowledge, the queen has never, in thought or deed, shown any signs of racism.  No doubt she feels personally superior to most of mankind (she is, after all, the queen), but her public persona is of a bland royal loyally doing her duty to God and country.

Beyond that, if racism doesn't show in actions, who cares?  What matters is behavior (including speech), and racism is an attitude we can detect only via behavior.  As one of many examples, my years-long neighbor is an idiot, but he doesn't know I think that.  Nor will he ever know.  Not even my wife knows my true thoughts about him.

The queen knows what any thinking person knows: you carefully pick those you really trust.  Perhaps they know your true thoughts but, even there, not all your true thoughts.  "Does this make me look fat?" is a question few men answer truthfully.  You get along with people by keeping your mouth shut and not doing anything that egregiously announces your attitude.  The Royal Family maintains silence on this story.

Meghan Markle obviously never thought much about it until she figured to exploit it.  Poor, dumb Harry seems a decent sort, but the lad is so smitten by his wife and his own racial virtue that he may never pluck all the web remnants from his person.

Meghan's gambit fools only those who wish to be fooled.  The lady's a cad, her husband a fool.

Image: Emilio Esbardo.

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