Meeting the threat of racist 3-month-old babies

We can all sleep more soundly now that the Arizona Department of Education is protecting the nation from the threat of racist 3-month-old babies.  Christopher Rufo of City Journal tells the story in a series of tweets:

The head of the Arizona Department of Education is an elected official, technically called superintendent of public instruction.  Occupying that post since January 2019 is Kathy Hoffman, whose background is described thus:

Superintendent Hoffman has spent her entire career working in public education, first as a pre-school teacher and then as a speech-language pathologist.

Since she is a specialist in the early years of childhood and language, I would like Supt. Hoffman to explain how a 3-month-old can understand any words about racism, including any words that might be aimed at counteracting what her department obviously believes in an innate sense of racism peculiar to Caucasians.  By the way, do Native American and Asian 3-month-olds need similar training?  Are they also inherently racist?  If so, toward whom?

What’s next?  Perhaps in utero indoctrination, the way some parents play Mozart and Bach to their fetuses tissue masses?

I am reasonably certain Rufo is not having fun at our expense, à la Babylon Bee.  But neo-racism, better known as anti-racism, has reached the point of self-parody.

Supt. Hoffman's term ends in 2022.  If she stands for re-election, I hope that she will be forced to explain why 3-month-old babies can be presumed to be racist and need to be indoctrinated into preferring faces that don't resemble their parents'.

Graphic credit: Twitter (cropped).

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