Listening to Mark and Ron — a taste of America as it used to be

Mark Levin's interview with Governor Ron DeSantis on Sunday night struck me as so sane, so normal, that it almost had me weeping.  Just when I'd despaired that common sense has flown the coop completely, they held a conversation where questions asked are answered honestly, without any conniving or dissembling.

A lot of the interview was about Florida's response to COVID.  You could almost hear Levin's incredulity that DeSantis had grabbed the data offered to him at the beginning of the pandemic, analyzed it himself, and then made decisions for the state that bucked the common consensus.  Florida has, in essence, been open all along.

Yes, a few businesses initially, but that was because the businesses themselves decided to do so.  Schools have been open, sports have been played, and they have fared no worse — in some ways, far better — than the states that closed.  They haven't had an epidemic of suicides and depression.  Florida has not had massive problems with other diseases being ignored in favor of COVID.  Nor did Florida have worse case counts of COVID than other, closed states.

One of the key things the governor did from the start was to focus on treating well the seniors in nursing homes.  He refused to send COVID cases to these homes, saying the data didn't support the need to do so.  He said that if they ran out of hospital beds, he'd simply build field hospitals.  As a result, the nursing home death binge never happened in his state.

DeSantis also concentrated testing where it was needed.  No need to test every person walking down the street.  Save it for vulnerable populations — for instance, the staff in nursing homes.

Florida's economy is booming.  The educational system is doing well, and kids are excelling, even in AP classes.  People are moving to Florida to escape the shut down states, Levin and his family included.

Imagine not having the teachers' unions in charge!  They sued the state and lost.  Too bad the information on how Florida beat them isn't more widely known.  They have been forced to teach, in person, in school.  No Zoom sessions needed.  I guess parents can opt out, but DeSantis said most have kept their kids in school.  Florida hasn't had a problem with COVID in the schools.  That's not a surprise!

DeSantis a native Floridian, played baseball at Yale, and attended Harvard Law, and, unlike so many, it seems he took his education seriously and learned some useful things.  He's also a Navy officer.  Clearly, he's ruled his state far more wisely than many other governors.

Another topic Levin and DeSantis discussed was election integrity.  The governor saw no need to institute across-the-board mail-in voting.  Floridians did their voting on Election Day, period, with normal mail-in rules and no last-minute changes.  He said he'd had no problem certifying the results because the election was normal, the process trustworthy.

The whole conversation between the two men made me nostalgic.  It's sad that this normalcy can't happen everywhere.  We had a water main break in front of my house this evening.  It turned into a huge event — dozens of kids, their parents, all out for the festivities.  The police guarded it until the municipal water district could send people out to take care of the problem, but it developed into a block party.

When you repress all normal interactions, as has happened in California, things take a dark and unnatural turn.  Any anomaly blows the cork from the bottle we're tucked into.  We need to become Floridized.  Too bad we're going to have to wait until we recall our governor to do it!

Image: Ron DeSantis.  Rumble screen grab.

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