Is Joe Biden using illegal aliens to destroy America as founded?

Joe Biden has pledged $86M to put up migrants in hotels.  The captive National Guard was deployed to D.C. on the phony pretense that members of Congress were in danger of attacks by right-wing extremists, even though there was never a credible threat.  Those soldiers in service of their country were made to sleep on the ground of a parking garage and fed contaminated food.  Meanwhile, there are 552K homeless Americans.  Los Angeles has 66K+ homeless people living on the streets without any of the assistance the people flowing over our southern border are receiving at taxpayer expense.  If this does not strike all Americans as obscene, well, they are not thinking rationally.

The Biden administration and the far-left radicals within it have turned this country upside-down; Americans bad, migrants are all good.  We native-born or naturalized citizens must be punished for our privileges; illegal migrants are victims of America’s success.  Kamala Harris has long wanted to decriminalize illegal entry into the country.  She has compared ICE and the Border Police to the KKK!  That is how the left thinks, how the Biden administration operates.  And they think we are all going to sit still for this grisly policy. 

The Biden “team” apparently thinks we don’t know that it is the Mexican cartels who control the border and have leapt at Biden’s invitation to surge across it in order to re-establish their oh, so profitable enterprise of trafficking in people, especially women and children.  Trump had severely interdicted their use and abuse of the victims they traffic.  Biden ended Trump’s Operation Talon his first week in office.  Now the cartels control who comes, who crosses into the U.S., and where they go, and they are getting fabulously wealthy doing it.  The minor children arrive with phones or phone numbers in their pockets.  Most of those contact numbers are not family members in the U.S.; they are cartel contacts.  The journey north for these women, girls, and young boys is treacherous.  The smugglers brag about “rape trees.”  Women and girls are routinely gang-raped, their undergarments tossed into trees then so named.  This is what Biden’s call for all comers to “surge the border” has set in motion.  And, as he reiterated at the not-press conference on Thursday, he thinks he is the nice guy, the moral guy.  But he has created a massive humanitarian crisis that is characterized first and foremost by vicious cruelty.  This is what the left and the Biden administration has set in motion.

In the meantime, while ignoring the major crisis on the southern border, our DHS, FBI, DOJ, and military have been tasked with purging all federal agencies, especially the military and law enforcement, of any and all conservatives and censoring all conservative voices.  The Los Angeles Police Department will no longer hire Christians or conservatives; they are deemed “domestic terrorists.”  While Biden gives carte blanche to China, Iran, and Russia to do whatever they will to weaken America, this administration is concerned only with a Stalinist/Maoist form of criminalizing dissent within our borders.  The new president is intent upon moving the U.S. toward an oligarchical totalitarianism.

Joe Biden owes his and his family’s wealth to China and Ukraine.  That acquired wealth was due to the Biden family’s wholesale corruption that rivals the Clintons’ financial profiteering in scope.  Biden is bought and paid for and will always defer to China.  He will never cross the Chinese in our interests.  He just won’t.  He cannot.  He owes them; they own him.  And do not forget what China has on Hunter Biden, the pedophile drug addict who got rich via Ukraine and China as those two nations bought the leverage they now can use to their benefit.  You can be sure they will use that leverage. 

Biden’s disastrous plan to orchestrate a humanitarian crisis and invite migrants to surge the southern border will only further prevent the re-employment of all those who lost their jobs due to the unnecessary COVID lockdown.  The Trump administration had achieved nearly max employment, especially among minorities, which is why more of them voted to re-elect him in greater numbers than for any other Republican in modern U.S. history.  Now we have Biden, who, by opening the border to anyone and everyone, will ensure that those minority workers that had jobs before COVID will have to compete for work with the tens of thousands of illegal migrants now flowing into the country.  They are largely untested for COVID, sent on to the cartel smugglers who got them over the border, drugs and all.  Predictably, along with the tens of thousands of migrants, fentanyl and meth are again flowing into the U.S.  Biden surely knows this but does not care.  The “unaccompanied minors” are often mules for the cartels, then trafficked for sex and gang business.

Thus far, Biden as president is dangerously close to being a Castro, Venezuela’s Chávez, and then Maduro.  The Democrat party as currently constituted is an enemy of America.  If that is not clear to the American people, they are simply as uninformed as the media intends them to be.  If they have submitted to the fear-mongering about COVID, they are already submissives to a false narrative.  COVID, and all its attendant restrictions on our daily lives, is, like the open border scam, part of our self-appointed ruling elites’ plan to implement their "Great Reset."  We had all better stand up and fight back, or this is the end.  We will all be rendered citizens of the world, no longer individual humans, but mere chattel to our overseers.

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