Idaho is prosecuting a woman who let her kids play in a park

By George

As with most sensationalized or viral events that make national and sometimes international headlines, the legacy media often fail to circle back and report on such events that have left their news cycle but not the victim. 

On April 21, 2020, Sara Brady was arrested while seeking solace from being locked within her own home and release for her children to play as children do at a nearby park located in Meridian, Idaho.  Sara and her kids had been cooped up in their home due to abiding by Governor Brad Little's 21 day stay-at-home order, issued March 25, 2020, for all the people of Idaho.  (The infamous arrest video can be viewed here.)

It has been nearly a year since this unfortunate incident occurred.  In that time, Governor Little has exercised every grit of power he thinks his office should hold by extending lockdowns time and time again over the will of the people who make Idaho.  Additionally, the Idaho State Attorney General's Office has taken jurisdiction (Petition of Appointment of Special Prosecutor 4/24/20) of Sara Brady's "criminal" charges for prosecution.  Apparently, it has become policy for the Idaho A.G.'s office to appoint a deputy attorney general to prosecute a mother for standing on a playground deemed "closed" by the government.

Per the website of the Office of Attorney General for the State of Idaho, the final sentence of their "purpose" states, "The office is part of state government's executive branch and its duties are laid out in the Idaho Constitution."  The statement indicates that Governor Little has a say in this case.

From a 10,000-foot viewpoint, it is not a stretch to see that the will of government shall not be challenged, particularly by a mother of four, and that doing so will result in the full weight of government coming to bear.  What is also not a stretch to see is that the utilization of state resources to prosecute a mother of four for a misdemeanor trespassing charge, on a playground, during a sunny day, with her children, is far beyond ludicrous!    

In an act of journalistic integrity, NewsTalk 107.9 in eastern Idaho conducted an interview with Sara Brady.  What Brady had to say was both inspiring and terrifying.  Brady stated that when she arrived at the park, she "sat down on the grass, and they're playing[.] ... I had this mental release, my kids were playing and they're happy, and I can talk to some friends."  Somehow, the Idaho state A.G.'s office believes that to be a criminal act — when the governor says so — that is ripe for prosecution.  Others may believe that Mrs. Brady was exercising her rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

From Mrs. Brady's perspective, she said, "I think we are in a point in America where people are not understanding what is really right and wrong."  From a different perspective, one can easily coordinate thoughts that it is those in government who misunderstand what is really right and wrong.  Perhaps the people of Idaho would be better served by the Idaho A.G.'s office to investigate how a mother can be arrested at a playground in lieu of prosecuting her.

When asked about the fallout from this event, Mrs. Brady concluded her remarks this way: "I need to set an example, that if you are being attacked by the state, you need to hold your ground."  It is commendable and wrought with integrity that this mother can have the courage to make that statement when faced with the challenge of her being made the example by the Idaho state government.    

The full interview can be listened to here beginning at about the 1:41:00 mark.

Article I — Declaration of Rights, Section 1, Idaho state Constitution, can be read here.

How the legal defenders of the people of Idaho have made a seemingly onetime policy to prosecute a misdemeanor trespassing charge against a mom standing on a playground should raise eyebrows, particularly in a state that is deemed so open and free.  This prosecution by the Idaho A.G.'s office is a stain on the state that is helping to wash away its greatness.  The Idaho state A.G.'s office and Governor Little should be ashamed and embarrassed by such actions.  The people of Idaho do not need to be protected from a mother of four at a playground; they need to be protected from a tyrannical state government.

George is a pen name.

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