How transgender mania wrecks sports equality

"Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity of Sexual Orientation."  That sounds like a nice executive order!  Until it says not allowing men into women's-only areas is discrimination.  There are many problems with this idea.  One of them would be allowing men into all high school female sports.

What's the big deal?  High school sports mean a lot — not just to the people playing them, but colleges as well.  Every chance a girl gets to show off her skills in a competition or win a medal, she gets another chance to woo colleges into a scholarship.  For every male calling himself a female who gets into a competition, there is another girl that gets pushed out of that competition and one less chance to get a college scholarship.

Most people agree that men have little place in female sports, and President Biden has little scientific basis behind his decision.  The reason behind why some people support allowing men into girls' sports is "gender-affirming" hormone "therapy."  Hormone therapy lowers the testosterone in boys to take away some physical advantages that come with being male.  After around two years of hormone therapy, the testosterone levels in boys is alleged to match those in girls.

However, it's not all about testosterone.  The gap between males' and females' athletic ability starts at birth and irreversibly expands during puberty.  A study published by Sports Medicine proves this point when it states that after boys go through a year of chemically suppressing their testosterone, the loss of lean muscle mass, muscle area, and strength is only around 5% — meaning male athletes still retain a significant advantage in strength after "transition."

This information is backed up by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, which also found that men are still 12% faster than women in a 1.5-mile run after two years of chemical testosterone suppression in the former group.  This proves that even after they inject themselves with chemicals, they are still men.  There is no surgery, pill, or treatment that can change your sex.

 There is one study that contradicts the studies above: the Jhonna Harper study.  This study followed eight non-elite long distance runners thought their "transition" from male to female and measured their running times.  After accounting for age, the study found that their performance was comparable to females'.

This study has been deemed unreliable by some and has come under criticism for multiple reasons.  First, eight people is not a big enough pool of participants to represent all transgenders.  Second, the people tested were not professional runners, and only two of them reported consistently running.  This means that the drop in their performance could be because of their lack of practice, not the hormone treatment.  Third, the study was done over a long period of time and not in a controlled environment.  Some of the participants didn't even record times for certain runs.  This means that it is very hard to account for specific variables.

Even if it were true that males had no advantage in long distance running, it still would not be fair for males to compete in all sports.  Even Jhonna Harper says, "It should be noted that these results are only valid for distance running" (2015).  The study can't prove why President Biden made it mandatory for schools to let males complete in all women sports.

Even with these data, there are still some who argue that not permitting males access to female sports is denying the males' identity, that by not letting them in, you are saying they are not women.  It's not about whether men are women.  It's about what's fair to women.  The undeniable advantage enjoyed by males, even when they call themselves females, cannot be ignored because of feelings.  Besides, think of how the girls feel when they train relentlessly to compete, only to get sidelined by a boy.  That's 50% of the population versus an extreme minority of people.

The solution for this issue would logically be making a category for transgender people.  There is no sense in pretending a male athlete who places gold in a women's competition is a real winner.

People should stop trying to play the woke game of virtue-signaling believers in science.  Women disserve a fair game.

Image via Pexels.