Gropey Joe punts on Andrew Cuomo

As New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo politically immolates in sex harassment allegations, one guy who's got to be uncomfortable about the entire wretched specter is Gropey Joe Biden.

Slow Joe's narrative-makers have finally let him come out of his shell with this ridiculous punt of a response:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Sunday passed up an opportunity to join other Democrats calling for the resignation of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is under investigation after multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

Asked by a reporter if Cuomo should resign, Biden responded, "I think the investigation is underway and we should see what it brings us."

Biden, who made the comments upon returning to the White House from a weekend at his home in Delaware, had not previously spoken publicly about the allegations against Cuomo. However, his comments reflect the wait-and-see position the White House has taken regarding Cuomo's future.

See, if the investigators don't find anything indictable in this he-said, she-said world of sexual harassment accusations, then they didn't happen, right?  It all comes down to the investigators and courts to make it real, just as election fraud all comes down to whether the Supreme Court wants to hear about it.  If such bosses say "yes," then it happened.  If the bosses say "no," it didn't.  Truth is subject to their approval.  In Bidenworld, it's never about the merits of the actual case.

This is absurd.  Either he "believes women" or he doesn't.  He probably does believe these seven and counting women because he's got a history of this of his own.

Hence, the punt.  Better for someone else to investigate, and investigate, and investigate long beyond Cuomo's term.  It's a delay tactic that could easily be a cover-up for rigging.

Why might it be rigged?  Well, because the Democrat machine in one-party blue states are powerful. 

Biden and Cuomo are political allies, pillars of the Democrat "establishment."  Biden, recall, called Cuomo "the gold standard" of COVID pandemic response.  That's the same Cuomo who locked down healthy New York but seeded New York's nursing homes with COVID patients, killing thousands.  Biden and Cuomo are the same Democratic establishment.

Yet unlike Biden, who keeps his nasty temper private, Cuomo is a nasty guy in a public way and therefore has made a lot of political enemies.  In New York, which is a one-party state, in his case, they're New York's far-left crazies.  Although Biden governs like them, he's otherwise in opposition to them.  These rabid leftists are active, though, and now that President Trump is out of the picture as the demon, they want Cuomo's job. 

Biden can see that, and he likely fears Cuomo's in for a toppling.

It may because certain other elements of the Democratic establishment (which may or may not include Joe), as John Nolte has noted at Breitbart News in his column on March 2, want to take Cuomo down for sex harassment in order to protect the rest of the Democrat governors who also forced nursing homes to take COVID patients — in New Jersey, in Michigan, in Pennsylvania, in California.  Knock Cuomo out for sex harassment, and watch the mention of the nursing home scandal go away.  Those Democrat governors, after all, are the flower of their party.

But a knockout game like that is dangerous for Biden.  Biden never seeded nursing homes with COVID patients and killed off old people, but he sure as heck has a sex harassment record comparable to Andrew Cuomo.  He's been accused of creepy groping, over and over.  He's been accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade.  He's made the same lame excuses as Cuomo since has, about never meaning to offend anyone.  Wonder where that came from.

No wonder he doesn't want to say anything.  If Cuomo goes down as the fall guy in the Democrat bid to protect other governors, on sexual harassment allegations, where does that leave Joe, who's done the same things?  With Cuomo out, the accusers against Joe will once again come out of the woodwork.  If Cuomo goes down, what's to keep him in place? 

Democrats know that Biden is insentient, and like Cuomo, he too is surrounded by left-wing crazies who want his job.  If Cuomo goes down, what is to stop the takeout of Joe as the next domino?

No wonder the old fool is closing his eyes, holding his tongue, and crossing his fingers.

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