GOP senators visit border facilities, reveal shocking pictures and data, including 10% COVID positivity

Yesterday, Texas senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz led a delegation of Republican senators on a tour of border facilities, including those holding children, and then held a riveting 45-minute press conference afterward that was carried live on Fox News.  When I checked CNN and MSNBC, there was a blackout of this extremely interesting and newsworthy event.  A video of the presser is embedded below, and if you missed it, I recommend it for both the information it delivered and for the passion that it evoked.

Some of the 18 senators in the delegation accompanied the Border Patrol on its overnight shift and spoke of what they found. They also tweeted:

ABC News, to its credit, did cover the delegation, including a segment on its flagship evening newscast.  If CBS News covered it, there is no evidence on its webpage today.  NBC's coverage, at least online, positioned "dueling" delegations of Democrats and Republicans but devoted nearly all its space to Democrats.

Here is the press conference video:

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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