Durham will have Russiagate indictments ready in 6–8 weeks, says John Solomon

The shockingly lenient treatment of FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who lied to a federal judge in order to keep spying on Carter Page, has led many of us to despair that justice will never be done in the greatest political scandal in American history, the use of the FBI and Intelligence Community resources to spy on the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, and to bring him down once elected.  But John Solomon, the journalist who has broken more stories on the scandal than anyone else I can think of, offered a ray of hope yesterday in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on her weekly must-see Fox News Channel show, Sunday Morning Futures.

In the second half of the interview (full interview here), Solomon revealed that his sources (which have been excellent) indicate that a senior member of the FBI leadership group around Comey and Strzok has turned state's evidence.  Solomon also believes that Durham will have indictments ready in six to eight weeks.

However, and this is the soul-crushing detail, Durham needs Department of Justice approval before going ahead with indictments.

I would put the odds on such approval coming from the DOJ under A.G. designate Merrick Garland as very low.

In other words, the cover-up is likely to succeed — unless our side starts playing dirty the way our opponents do and start leaking details out to the media.  And even then, expect Google, Facebook, and Twitter to suppress those few media outlets that would even deign to publicize anything harming the progressive narrative.

Watch for yourself:

If Durham is allowed to proceed with indictments of serious power players, then the conclusion that we are becoming a banana republic without the bananas can be suspended for a while.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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