Don't forget that there's still a lot that's good about America

Politics can be fearfully depressing if you mainly focus on the sensationalism of the tabloid-like media and view trivial news and trivial information too seriously and too often.  Stop and think a little about the many things going right in the country.

There is definitely a trend against the corrupt ruling establishment since about 74 million voted for Trump.  I’m sure that some thinking Democrats would also like to make America great again in a slightly different but similar way.

The pandemic only killed a small fraction of one percent of the population.  The killing potential of most pandemics turned out to be highly exaggerated for the general population.

The internet has made worldwide communication relatively cheap.  It has made shopping almost effortless with online ordering, saving much time, effort, and money.  Less and less on the internet can be gotten for free, but at minimal cost, you can get a variety of reliable information and entertainment into the convenience of your home.

For humans who dislike the poor quality and high cost of the educational system, there is an abundance of online learning courses that you can take at any age.  You can self-educate on almost any topic that strikes your fantasy at a reasonable cost.  Many more are wisely beginning to ask one question before enrolling for courses in a college or university and going into heavy debt: what are the job prospects after graduation?  If the job prospects are poor, some will start opting for vocational training instead.

Want to fix something around the house or learn a new skill?  Then use a search engine or search YouTube and other do-it-yourself websites for instructions on how to do a thousand and one things you wish you knew how to do.

Many cars have gotten a lot more reliable and durable with minimal maintenance.  Interest rates for home-buying are relatively low with good credit, and there is no great shortage of affordable homes and apartments in most parts of the country due in some part to a declining birthrate.

Technological development and research are forging ahead with great speed on land and in space with new useful products and discoveries being made on a regular basis.  Although the nuts and bolts of technology are rather complex, the best products are often designed to make our lives simpler and more efficient.

You no longer have to go and hang out in bars trying to luck out on meeting someone interesting or finding a good potential mate.  By going online, you can search for friends and mates with common interests locally, nationally, and even internationally.  Gone are the days when your social life was limited to family and friends in the local community.  Yes, there is nothing better than meeting someone in person.  However, you can learn a lot about a new human acquaintance with a telephone conversation and quickly learn whether there is a fake personality by asking some spontaneous personal questions and details about interests, job, family, and friends.

Solar, wind, and renewable energy sources are not cost-effective in many parts of the country due to differences in weather and availability.  Solar and wind are not reliable 24/7.  However, connecting to renewable energy is a sign of independence from the national electric grid, which may become useful in future power blackouts caused by incompetence or a national energy crisis.

Tired of left-wing propaganda?  There are more than a handful of conservative publications to read and alt tech websites to explore on the internet.

Most Americans of almost all political persuasions are still basically good humans when you interact with them in shopping and entertainment areas or on the job.

I still believe that America, with its abundance of natural resources and ongoing influx of ambitious immigrants, will continue to thrive in the near future.  Yes, we must all continue to courageously struggle against the immorality in society, but that is nothing new.  Human culture has struggled with immorality since time immemorial.  Trying to eat healthy organic food and leading a life with integrity, trustworthiness, competence, and friendliness and supporting worthy causes will gain respect from most desirable humans, and your responsibility to a good society and the world will be optimized.   

What’s right about America?  Probably more than you initially thought.  Cheer up!

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