Does the Congressional Black Caucus know whom it represents?


On Friday, the House passed two immigration bills making it incredibly easy for several million illegal aliens in America to become citizens. This is, of course, a siren call for more illegal aliens to enter America. The bills' passage wasn't a surprise, of course, because the Democrats clearly want to replace existing Americans with a new, more affordable and compliant population. What is a surprise, though, is the enthusiasm the Congressional Black Caucus ("CBC") feels for two bills that will cause harm to American Blacks.

The first bill extends citizenship to the approximately 2.5 million people who were categorized as "dreamers" under the Obama administration. The second bill is a pathway to several million illegal aliens working in the agricultural sector.

This post will not analyze those bills. Instead, let me quote what the CBC's enthusiastic press release said about the bills' passage:

Yesterday, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) voted to pass two bipartisan bills, H.R. 6, the American Dream and Promise Act, and H.R. 1603, the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, two landmark pieces of legislation to update and reform our immigration system and secure permanent protections and a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who have been, and will continue to be, key to the economic recovery of our nation. The American Dream and Promise Act provides relief to our nation's Dreamers, as well as to many Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) holders. The Farm Workforce Modernization Act provides stability, predictability, and fairness to the workers who feed America.

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Joyce Beatty stated, "In Ohio and across the country, our immigrant communities make America more vibrant, economically prosperous, and diverse. The American people want solutions to our broken immigration system that honors our values, keep Americans safe, and protectsthe farmworkers, Dreamers, and TPS and DED recipients who have long been a vital part of our communities and our economy. In light of the pandemic and economic crisis, which have inflicted a devastating toll on immigrant communities and our essential frontline workers, including our farmworkers, the protections in these bills are urgently needed. The CBC proudly joined our TriCaucus colleagues to pass these historic, commonsense, and overwhelmingly popular bills that ensure our proud immigrant communities, some from unsung African nations, can continue to pursue their American dream as they strengthen, enrich and contribute to our nation."

Yesterday, members of the CBC voted to protect the humanity, dignity, and dreams of all those who come to America to build a brighter future "We look forward to continuing to work with our colleagues and the Biden Harris Administration to build on this momentum with additional action to make our immigration system more fair, orderly, and humane and work to raise the profile of immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean who often have been left out of the discussion. Democrats will never stop fighting to uphold our nation's proud heritage as a beacon of hope and opportunity for all."

Coming from the CDC, this enthusiasm is somewhat peculiar. That's because the people who invariably are most negatively affected by an influx of illegal aliens are African-Americans.

That's not just me saying that; that is someone writing at The Root back in 2010. Cord Jefferson wrote a detailed analysis pointing out exactly how African-American workers are in the frontline of those dispossessed from jobs when illegal aliens flood into America, especially during a weak economy.

Bishop Aubrey Shines echoed this point in 2018, adding that illegal aliens (and many of the ones coming in now seem to be unattended young men, who are always at the apex of crime in any racial cohort) bring crime with them. That crime isn't going to Nancy Pelosi's neighborhood. It's going into established African-American neighborhoods.

So, even as the CBC is loudly virtue-signaling its role in making "America more vibrant, economically prosperous, and diverse," it is hurting the core constituents it claims to represent. I wonder how many African Americans understand that the CBC cares more about virtue signaling than it does about the actual lives of Blacks in America.

Image: Women of the CBC in 2019. Public domain.