Diminishing returns on dissing diminished Joe

Have I made fun of Joe Biden and his age-related decline?  Yes, I have!  Will I be tempted to mock him in the future?  Probably, but I have come to the strategic conclusion that mocking him for his age and possible age-related dementia is juvenile and counterproductive.

I listened to his first press conference last week, hoping for gaffes the size of the Grand Canyon.  Did the world-class plagiarist use cheat sheets and a seating chart to help him through the news conference?  Yes, but he did not make any major mistakes.  Were his answers scripted?  Yes, they were, but what mattered was that he got the presidential tone right.

I like Joe Biden as much as he likes Donald Trump (which, for the uninitiated, is not at all).  That dislike means I can take cheap shots at his superannuated status all I want.  The problem is that will only make this "on the take" Grifter in Chief sympathetic to some.

However, we can still attack the Biden regime and score points for freedom and the American way.  Like all of us, Joe Biden has his Achilles heel.  His is just wrinklier.

His policies are so bad that we can easily and effectively attack them.  In the belly of the swamp, he and his "assisted care" administration are leading the way to the far left of center in America.  Have you noticed gas prices rising?  As he papers over his porkulus Recovery Act with Biden Bucks that many of us don't need, he is bailing out Democrat states with money we don't have.  Did you hear "little Pete" over at Transportation talking about a "mileage tax" to pay for teachers' unions?  Oops, I mean infrastructure "shovel-ready" improvements.  Have you been paying attention to the invasion on our southern border that no one can discuss?

Does it bother me that he has a winning smile?  Yes.  Does it bother me that he can sound presidential?  Yes.  I could talk about other things that many of us suspect, but the ugly truth is that Biden occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and he is not likely to leave unless we come up with better tactics.

It does us no good to underestimate the man entrenched in the White House.  If we take rhetorical shots at him, we want to do so in such a way that we offer people a better alternative.  Making fun of the old man, with nothing more, isn't working.

Image: Joe Biden by DonkeyHotey. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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