Destruction is the left's defining characteristic

The Democratic Party has been captured by revolutionary leftists.  This process started in the 1970s and accelerated with Barack Hussein Obama being elected twice.  The takeover is now complete with the brazenly stolen election of 2020, an event our "betters" demand we cease speaking of.  These leftists can rightly be called revolutionary Marxists — or, if you prefer a softer term, progressives.  Practically speaking, these descriptions are interchangeable.

Most Americans still do not accept who these leftists are and what their objective is.  This ignorance is fatal since knowing your enemy is half the battle.  Step one of enlightenment is to identify the defining characteristic of these Marxists.  Some say it's lying or perhaps hate, violence, or the lust for power.  All of those are indeed true, but they are not the defining characteristic.  That honor belongs to destruction, from which the other left-wing pathologies flow.

It stems from a deep psychological impulse.  The Marxists have long abandoned the idea of a transcendent God.  As such, they seek to build a Heaven on Earth through human efforts and reasoning.  Leftists see themselves as standing for the future.  This is what Marxian philosophy calls the end of history. 

The problem the leftists face is that tradition, nationalism, and the moral order are insurmountable roadblocks.  The Marxists believe that these matters cannot be sufficiently reformed to accomplish their ends.  From this springs the left's need — actually, its compulsion — to destroy.  The idea is that only from the ashes of what now exists can a new foundation can laid for a properly structured society. 

The left damages everything it touches.  Marxists have wrought havoc in every country they've gained control of — Stalin's USSR , Mao's China, Castro's Cuba, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and other lesser ones.  Closer to home, the universities and public school systems are but a shadow of their former selves since coming under leftist dominance.  In the universities, standards have been lowered, free speech all but extinguished, and non-leftist professors purged from departments.  In the K–12 public school, aside from de-emphasizing academics, left-wing educrats actively work to dismantle merit programs and now are using the Chinese pandemic as a pretext to keep the schools closed, all courtesy of Democrat governors and the teachers' unions.  This is nothing short of the deliberate destruction of Americans' educational institutions and the future of our children.

The left has degraded the entertainment world and much of corporate America that is tripping over itself to appear "woke."  The left has trashed the reputation of once highly respected government institutions like the FBI, the CIA, and Department of Justice, just to name three.  Some religious denominations have fallen under leftist sway and, like useful idiots, march in lockstep to the progressive tune. 

The left corrupts the language.  One now has to be careful of using the pronouns "he" and "she."  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is moving to change the House rules to be "gender neutral."  This would call for the ban of all words relating to familial relationships such as son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, husband, wife, etc.  Even something as pure as mathematics is under attack.  Using their academic positions and convoluted reasoning, Marxist academics argue two plus two does not have to equal four.  And what are the open border and the blanket amnesty policies of the Democrats if not a deliberate attempt to destroy America by minting tens of millions of new citizens out of the underclass of Central America? 

The Democrats push the Green New Deal and the Paris Climate Accord.  Neither will do anything for the environment, but both will further destroy the economy.  These revolutions will not stop at merely destroying the right to free speech.  They also want to control what people think, thus destroying our most intimate freedom.

Perhaps most of all, the Marxists seek to destroy the family, as the family unit is the glue holding society together.  Their handiwork includes eliminating prayer in the public schools, legalizing abortion on demand, labeling pornography as free speech, equating homosexual unions with marriage, and now codifying transgenders rights into law.  Virtuous traits such as thrift, hard work, merit, achievement, respect for the family, and planning for the future are all denigrated by the left as "white oppression."  

To conclude: Nowhere, at no time, has any leftist initiative made the slightest improvement in anything it touched.  But that was never the real objective.  The intent was always to destroy.  It was bad enough when the leftist assault on society was orchestrated by academics and other far-out elitists.  But now the revolutionaries have near complete control of the federal government.  That represents real power, the power of the state.  As the early days of the Harris/Biden administration show, these revolutionaries are not shy about using that power as they lay waste to America in their march to Utopia.

Image: Chris Dodds via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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