Deprogramming the Trump Voters


How does the Left look at conservatives? We often overlook this, even though it's a critical factor in the "divisive" atmosphere grippingh the county these days. It wouldn't hurt to put ouselves into the mindset of your average professional left-leaing professional attempting to deal with the "Deplorables" -- perhaps an academic psychologist, or a domestic affairs bureaucrat...

Understanding how people were programmed is crucial to deprogramming them, yet amateur deprogrammers have assumed that censoring and discrediting Trump will free his voters from his siren song.  If the amateurs are wrong, they could become entrenched in their programming, possibly ruining decades of expert deprogramming.  Although strange to provide tips toward progressive objectives in a conservative journal, the amateur deprogrammers are advocating for extreme solutions as their efforts are met with failure.  If everyone understands, from the progressive perspective, how Trump supporters were programmed and how they are being expertly deprogrammed, those extreme solutions might be avoided.

Trump voters were taught that we have a representative democracy based on liberty and freedom; that we have an immutable Constitution that establishes those principles as the law of the land; and that representatives are elected by the will of the People as stewards of government, not as stewards of the People.  Trump supporters believe that government should be of the minimum extent necessary to assist a moral society, and believe in a moral system that respects property and person and punishes those who don’t.  Archival media (e.g., newspapers, books and movies) reveals that this brainwashing has occurred for centuries, perpetuated by education and common social belief.  Trump might not be the siren but a victim.  So, who started and perpetuates this brainwashing?

This deception stems from morals, and Trump supporters believe that morals are absolute and originate from God.  One of the their most embraced documents reads, “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator [God] with certain unalienable Rights.” That these morals have existed for eons in the greatest societies of the World and were absent from the worst lends credence to their belief that morals originate from some omniscient and benevolent Deity, rather than from government or society.  Due to their entrenched moral beliefs, Trump supporters reject the truth of social justice.  When a poor person appropriates a TV from a white person, Trump supporters see an immoral act, not the righting of white privilege.  When government seizes excess wealth and then gifts it to poor people who are incapable of living to the standards of white society, Trump supporters only see an unconstitutional theft.

The first mistake of the amateur is obvious: one of the programmers is God, who has programmed Himself as the absolute moral authority, superior to government or society.  Trump supporters have resisted secularization and moral correction and will continue to do so absent Trump.

Even after secularization, Trump supporters adhere to “the written law.”  Laws only exist when enforced, yet even though prosecutors and judges, the authorities of law, have repeatedly demonstrated that laws change based on who you are, Trump supporters continue to embrace an intransigent egality.  Prosecutorial discretion and judges exist to correct the law against societal injustices and to exonerate our superiors.  What better example than the 2020 election?  If not for administrative discretion to alter the rules of elections and for the courts to interpret the law, Trump would be president again.  Our superiors must act freely for our betterment, but the ability to form an independent comprehension of “the written law”, absent expert direction, has deceived the Trump tribe.

Trump supporters believe that words are immutable.  They think that dividing people by color or ethnicity is the definition of racism but weighing people against social injustices is actually anti-racism.  They believe that demanding obedience to our leaders and coercing those who resist is fascism, but this is only fascism when Trump is the leader.  They believe that men are XY and women are XX, and some accept that sex can change after physical alteration, but nearly all Trump supporters reject that sexual identity is defined by ones feelings.  They believe that words have meaning and reject feelings as the source of meaning.  They reject a living constitution and adhere to “the written law” because they have been deceived by the dictionary.

Only the elites can understand language and law, yet Trump’s followers reject the superiority of our leaders, failing to understand that being elected places them above all.  They ridicule our leaders who misunderstand positivity rates or believe that islands can capsize, rather than accepting the new realities.  Our leaders give advantage to other countries to compensate for our largess, but Trump supporters fault their generosity.  Our leaders do what is best for all of us, and so earn the privilege of enriching themselves from their offices, yet Trump supporters cling to the idea that our leaders are but representatives, again deceived by “the written law.”

Worse, Trump supporters have been trained as skeptics, despite believing in an invisible deity that dictates morals.  “Trust but verify” once said by a person who occupied the Oval Office, yet they refuse to obey our new leaders, the new authorities of culture, science and law.  Rather than accepting the truth of climate change, as authoritatively stated by a former Vice President, Trump voters demand evidence and facts.  They even reject the conclusions of boards and advisory committees when their truths contradict the facts.  This lack of trust runs deep and creates a significant trap to deprogramming.

If deprogrammers attempt to force progressive reality on them, they will question it, reference “the written law” or the dictionary, apply their own logic and reason, reach the opposite conclusion and label the deprogrammers as untrustworthy.  As long as written laws, copies of the Constitution, outdated dictionaries and other sources of information exist, Trump supporters will never be deprogrammed.

Deprogrammers need to first undermine the foundations of the programming: facts, morals, language and reason.  Change the definition of sex, publish annotated versions of the Constitution and interpretive versions of the Bible, and direct web searches to those corrected versions.  When Trump supporters search for facts contradictory to truths, direct them to the truths instead.  The teaching of civics, philosophy and history must be corrected to reveal the true motives of the “founding fathers,” to taint the morality of freedom and liberty, and morality itself.  These adjustments must be mild and incremental over generations, and as many expert deprogrammers know, are already well underway.

Trump supporters should be pressured into abandoning their beliefs and accepting the new truths, but this must also be done gently and covertly.  Many went through an anti-pressure training program called DARE, between 1983 and 2009.  The program has since been altered to discourage morals and encourage mindless compliance with authority, but        Trump voters between the ages of 25 and 55 could reflexively reject overt pressure.  By surrounding Trump supporters with media that covertly portrays the new reality, they will subconsciously adapt their world view.  Expert deprogrammers already have this well underway.

Trump was not a siren, but a victim of long-existing programming who resonated with other victims, who see themselves just as attacked and silenced as Trump.  The banning, canceling, rioting and name calling from amateur deprogrammers is putting Trump supporters on edge and alerting them to the more covert and effective deprogramming of experts.  Decades of deprogramming are put into jeopardy as they flee the nurture of Big Tech and reflexively reject ridicule and authority, and a more ultimate solution may be required.

So there you have it. The next time you hear a Democrat politician, or a left-wing academic, or some poor befuddled blue-state voter. Keep in mind how they think themselves into a logical cul-de-sac, trapping themselves in a nightmarish, paranoid worldview from which there is no escape. Needless to say, we have to assure that they don't trap us... 

Graphic credit: James McNellis (cropped) CC BY 2.0 license

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