Cops defunded, de Blasio's wife urges New Yorkers to do their own policing

Did it occur to any of the leftist politicians boostering for the 'Defund the Police' far-left trope that they might just be left holding the bag? 

Seems not. And sure enough, it's slowly starting to dawn on them that were played for fools.

Because in the wake of the media-vaunted 'defund police' movement, every last blue city in America kowtowing to this has, surprise, found itself in the middle of a crime wave. Crime-plagued blue cities are now becoming unliveable, and citizens who form their tax bases are fleeing, That presents some problems for these pols. Caracas-ization is not for the faint of heart. But remaining fools, they don't exactly know what to do about it.

Crime in New York City is out of control, so Chirlaine McCray, the scandal-plagued wife of far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio, is now offering a bizarre new solution to resolve the problem: Every citizen his own policeman.

According to the Daily Wire:

The wife of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio wants citizens to personally “physically intervene” to stop violent crimes, nine months after she convinced her husband to get aboard the “defund the police” movement by redirecting money from police to “youth initiatives and social services.”

Here are her initial tweets:


Here is her five-point plan of action:

And apparently, since she was getting flak (notice how few 'likes' and retweets she got, as well as the angry comments, which drew hundreds of 'likes'), she put up this disclaimer pinned tweet apparently to cover her tracks:

Many angry commentators, most of whom appeared to be New Yorkers, pointed out that a citizen in New York was actually killed last week trying to do what Chirlaine urged. 

More still suggested that maybe a trained professional, with academy certification, and appropriated equipment, wearing blue, might be the ticket.

Lastly, most said her suggestions were ridiculous, brimming with political hypocrisy. Hadn't McCray been one of the loudest wokester voices in New York demanding the defunding of the police? Hadn't her bizarre daughter been arrested one or more times in a crowd that was throwing things at police, squalling loudly for their defunding?

Having loudly demanded that police be defunded over the summer in part of a leftist lunacy maneuver amid rioting in cities that was called off after it started affecting Joe Biden's poll numbers, McCray is now telling citizens that instead of having police, they can do their own policing. Never mind all that primo cash they pay as taxpayers for police protection.

Now they are to do it themselves -- as if citizens were just as protected as police in doing such jobs surrounding violent criminals in their acts, just as skilled at mediating the many cases of mentally ill people on the streets with violent tendencies, and just as adept at handling unpredictable hairtrigger situations involving hidden knives and guns, which in red cities are normally handled by trained police personnel.

Some cities, such as Minneapolis and Portland, whose leftist leaders also got on that 'defund' bandwagon, have quietly stepped up recruiting after demonizing their police and driving them to retire at their desks. They're hearing from angry citizens, as are the officials in New York. But instead of increasing police protection, New York's big idea from the Camp de Blasio is to get citizens to do it themselves.

Maybe they're trying to save money for their cronies. In Chirlaine's case, that wouldn't be a surprise. But the chickens have come home to roost in this, and they've obviously been played for fools.

Chirlaine and Co. seem to be endorsing wokester consultant claptrap about "conflict de-escalation" or something of that sort, but New Yorkers, based on those reply tweets to her tweet strings know it's nonsense.

Do it yourself. And anyone who thinks this can't be flipped to vigilantism in a rough place like New York is an idiot. If this becomes conventional wisdom, and the police remain retired at their desks, watch for that to come of this, too. Mafias emerge in places where civic protection that looks out for all people and enforces just one law for all is absent.

Not surprisingly, it's minority communties in New York which are being hit hardest by this crime wave that's come of New York's diverting funds to social workers and disbanding New York's famed plainclothes units. Asian Americans, as she's mentioned, are open targets, assaulted and robbed and even murdered now with impunity. But don't dismiss the black communities of New York -- they too have been hit hardest by this leftist call in the name of supporting the criminal-American community, to defund police. Police calls are highest in those neighborhoods based on the crime that's there. Now, the police are gone, so citizens are being urged to talk the criminals in the act out of their crimes.

The wokesters may like it, but everyone else knows that it's going to get people killed. Crime is exploding in New York now. Calling on people to stop their own muggers and rapists is just going to lead to more carnage.

Image: Twitter screen shot