Chris and Don going Nilsson

Did you hear the rumor that a 21st-century version of Nilsson's "Without You" is about to be released by a new duo?  Yes, I'm talking about that classic from 1972 that goes like this:

I can't live, if living is without you

I can't live, I can't give any more ...

The duo is Chris & Don.  You know them as Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon of CNN prime time.

They are singing this song because Chris and Don can't live without Trump.

According to new information from Nielsen Media via Fox News, the three-letter network is having a hard time now that Biden sits in the Oval Office:

CNN’s viewership during the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m. ET dropped 36% since Biden took office after it spiked following Election Day. CNN’s primetime viewership decline was even sharper among the key demographic of adults age 25-to-54, plummeting 47% during the same period.

CNN’s viewership also suffered among the total day audience since Trump left office, leaving the liberal network without its bête noire.

Let me translate "bête noire": "a person or thing strongly detested or avoided."  In this case, its Chris & Don whom audiences are avoiding.

My question is how much longer CNN's business strategy can continue to see losses like this.  In my experience, losing customers, or viewers in this case, means that big changes are coming.

What changes could CNN make?  The only answer is a total makeover with new anchors who can appeal to an audience actually interested in news.

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Image: CNN logo.

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