Chesa Boudin to face richly deserved voter recall for turning San Francisco into a crime-plagued dump

Pricy, taxy San Francisco has become a crime hellhole, and apparently one person too many has been assaulted or murdered on Soros-financed district attorney Chesa Boudin's watch with no consequences.  Boudin, see, son of leftist terrorists, is refusing to do his job as prosecutor and mostly taking to doing public relations for himself and "restorative justice" for victims, letting all but the most outrageous criminals off scot-free.

So, like California's Gov. Gavin Newsom (and like his communist mentor, the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez), Boudin's getting a voter recall referendum.  A judge in the city just gave the go-ahead for it.

According to KRON4:

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — The San Francisco Department of Elections cleared a campaign to recall San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, which will allow them to collect signatures for a recall vote.

The coalition will be required to collect more than 51,000 signatures, roughly 10% of the city's voters, by mid-August to qualify for a special election.

This move comes just over a year after Boudin took office.

Organizers of the effort say 51,000 voter signatures are a lot but they believe it's achievable. They say this effort all started as a petition on where they got more than 10,000 signatures in just four days.

It's a sign of a lot of voter discontent out there, given Boudin's record, which is an ugly one, serving the criminal-American community first.  Here's just one neighborhood, an important Asian-American one, which the news report does not mention:

San Francisco's Richmond district has seen its number of burglaries surge 342.9% this year, according to the latest data from the city's police department

The San Francisco Police Department reported a total of 124 burglaries in Richmond as of Feb. 14, compared to 28 burglaries for the same period a year ago. Meanwhile overall burglaries in the city are up 62.5% with 1,123 burglaries reported as of Feb. 14 compared to 691 for the same period a year ago.

In addition, robberies, assaults, motor vehicle thefts, and arson in the Richmond district increased by 90.9%, 50%, 58.3%, and 25%, respectively, while rape and larceny theft decreased by 75% and 56.6%, respectively. 

That's not the only problem the Asian-Americans have in Chesa Boudin's San Francisco.  Assault and murder are some others.  According to the New York Times:

SAN FRANCISCO — Weary of being cooped inside during the pandemic, Vicha Ratanapakdee was impatient for his regular morning walk. He washed his face, put on a baseball cap and face mask and told his wife he would have the coffee she had prepared for him when he returned. Then, on a brisk and misty Northern California winter morning last month, he stepped outside.

About an hour later, Mr. Vicha, an 84-year-old retired auditor from Thailand, was violently slammed to the ground by a man who charged into him at full speed. It was the type of forceful body blow that might have knocked unconscious a young football player in full protective pads. For Mr. Vicha, who stood 5 feet 6 inches and weighed 113 pounds, the attack was fatal. He died of a brain hemorrhage in a San Francisco hospital two days later.

Captured on a neighbor's security camera, the video of the attack was watched with horror around the world. Among Asian-Americans, many of whom have endured racist taunts, rants and worse during the coronavirus pandemic, the killing of a defenseless older man became a rallying cry.

Boudin explained to the New York Times that there was "no evidence" the murder was "racially motivated," so you see, Asian-Americans should rest easy and not be concerned.  Since it wasn't racist, nothing to see here, move along...

There was also this charmer, who killed a 28-year-old Asian-American woman crossing the street on New Year's Eve.  According to ABC7:

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — The case of a double fatal hit-and-run that happened on New Year's Eve in San Francisco is igniting a firestorm among critics, who say this tragedy could have been prevented.

That's because the suspected driver, Troy McAlister, was out on parole at the time of the crash.


McAlister has a long rap sheet and has been arrested numerous times in San Francisco since April 10, 2020, when he finished a sentence for robbery.

Boudin has a history of referring cases involving repeat offenders to parole instead of prosecuting.

In Sunday's live interview, Lim asked: "They (the CDCA) provided you all the details to revoke bail but yet you chose to do nothing... why are you blaming the parole office instead of taking direct accountability here?"

"This is not about blaming parole," Boudin responded. "This about recognizing there are numerous law enforcement agencies... and we all have to depend on each other for doing their job properly."

Boudin has also told the press that the thug was not prosecuted because his crimes were "non-violent," so nothing to worry about — don't blame him.

Here's another Asian-American who got the shaft from Boudin.  Remember him?


According to KGO, he was an elderly Chinese man with limited English skills who was collecting cans for a living in the nasty slum of Bayview, got a slew of racial slurs hurled at him, got assaulted, got his day's work stolen, and cried as the thugs danced around and cheered with glee, sharing the video they made of it.  Here's what his attackers got, as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle on March 2:

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin withdrew charges on Monday against one of two suspects in a disturbing attack on an Asian man in San Francisco's Bayview that was captured on video and prompted outrage from city leaders, officials said.

The district attorney's office will pursue a "restorative justice" model against 20-year-old Dwayne Grayson, who was booked last week on suspicion of robbery, elder abuse, a hate crime charge and probation violation following the Feb. 22 incident.

Boudin claimed that the victim, who speaks limited English "expressed interest" in restorative justice, but there's plenty of reason to doubt it.  Restorative justice, an atrocious idea that lets criminals completely off the hook, is something Boudin's been charged with coercing in victims in order to let criminals walk free to commit crimes again, and let him claim that his crime stats are down, so we all feel assured that nothing is happening.  It's a complete gaslight, which he does a lot.

Boudin, recall, started out disregarding all of the lessons of James Q. Wilson and his research around the "broken windows theory," which was that tolerance for small crimes inevitably leads to the prevalence of big ones.

In his first move as San Francisco district attorney, in early 2020, Boudin decided to declare public urination and prostitution crimes that he would not prosecute, revealing what he thinks about.  The message sent to criminals was to pee away, or ply your trade and pay your pimp, and never mind if it's in someone's doorway.

Now there's that 300% crime spike in the Richmond, and more spikes all through the city, and it's not just Asian-Americans feeling it.  The tony, wealthy neighborhood of the Marina district has been inundated with burglaries, seeing them skyrocket 81%.  Assaults, too.  According to the little local paper, the Marina Times, which Chesa seems to consider a thorn in his side, tweeting ugly about this tiny paper, hot prowls are now popular, with editor Lou Barberini acidly charging that Boudin "boosts" the burglary business.  He writes:

But then the Covid-19 storm hit and altered the criminal strategy. With a lack of tourist victims, instead of breaking into cars, thieves started stealing entire cars. Instead of robbing the weak, robbers transitioned to burglaries. From the St. Patrick's Day shutdown until now, car thefts are up 37 percent and burglaries are up an incredible 57 percent over last year. But it is the nature of the burglaries that should have residents concerned.  

Unlike the movies, traditional burglars operate during daytime hours. A burglar might wait until a resident drives off to work. Ring the doorbell to verify no one is home. Peer into the garage mailbox to ensure no other residents' cars are present. Then quietly as possible, break a widow or pry open a door. A traditional burglar is like a mouse. He wants to nibble on things to steal and disappear at the first sign of a human. 

The new work-from-home environment has made it tougher on the mouse-like burglars to survive. But just as the shrinking Tahoe wilderness is forcing audacious bears into raiding cabin pantries, less street prey is driving violent criminals into brazen burglaries — even if someone is home — referred to as a "hot prowl." 

Don't even think about what's going on in the Mission district or the South of Market district on the assault and burglary front.  The Mission district's burglaries shot up "only" 80%, but remember: that percentage is from a very high base.  I lived in the Mission District in the 1990s and was constantly victimized by violent crime, from car break-ins to sex assault to regular assault to strong-arm robberies, averaging about a police report a month, making me a regular at the cop station, never mind the muzzle flashes from gangster gunfire that missed me as I hid around corners of warehouses.  Whatever it was, the crime in the Mission didn't change; it just spiked 80%.

Meanwhile, Chesa's office also got word out earlier that shoplifting would no longer be prosecuted unless the take was more than $950.  For shoplifters, the first $950 was "free."  Professional thieves are now openly stepping into San Francisco retail establishments and loading their bags up, knowing that so long as Chesa's around, the goodies are free.

That's led to severe quality of life consequences, often in San Francisco's poorest neighborhoods.  Merchants from large retailers, such as Walgreens, are pulling out.  According to this report in the Washington Examiner, Walgreens is closing ten stores in San Francisco, with the apparent reason being the quantity of shoplifting.  Imagine being a poor elderly person who needs a drug dispensary such as Walgreens for blood pressure or COVID medication and not being able to get it locally.  Maybe a three-hour bus ride to Marin or a crime-plagued BART trip to crime-plagued Oakland will get the meds.  There will be casualties on that one, too, and Chesa's the one to thank for it.

Boudin has done nothing but evade questions from reporters who do their jobs, such as ABC7's Dion Lim, who, like the Marina Times, is a thorn in Chesa's side.

The recall petition seems to have caught his attention, based on the sob-story Meghan Markle–style "I'm a victim" claptrap he's putting out, the latest his "personal story" that went onto the cover of the far-left Nation.  He told public-radio KQED, a likely ally, that he's "working as hard as I can."

He seems to understand that the gaslighting is no longer working, so he's going for the Markle strategy, and the Sorosian buildup campaign has begun.  There are those who say San Franciscans voted for this garbage, so they deserve it, and a recall can't win, given the city's leftist proclivities, but I am going to argue no.

One, the recall campaign's beginnings drew meteoric signature activity in a short period of time. 

Two, Chesa was not elected to his high office the way normal people are — he was listed as a second choice on a lot of ranked voting, which is a new form of leftist rigging, which left voters confused and worked to his advantage.  He certainly wasn't most voters' first choice in the slightest.  That person got the boot for not getting enough of these ranked choices, as a San Francisco Chronicle column explains here.

A recall vote is an up-or-down thing, and it was originally put in place by progressives a hundred years ago to show how progressive they were.  Boudin's vile failure to do his job as the most beautiful city in America goes to hell (I can hardly call it "his" city, given the little time he's spent there) is a crime of top-down Hugo Chávez–style socialism with zero regard for the rule of law imposed on an otherwise free city.  It's ironic that there's a bottom-up reaction from the people to put a stop to him.

Boudin knows that Chávez, when he got put on the recall spit, survived by cheating.  It's not known if Boudin has the power to imitate Hugo and do the same, but rest assured: with him (and another former San Francisco mayor, Newsom), we will see attempts and efforts.  But the extent of frustration from this fraud is sky-high, and it might just not work.

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